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Shay & Climax - Factory DC/DCC Soundtrax

Thomas White has been a large G-scale model trains hobbyist for over 30 years.  He specializes in LGB brand locomotives, including repairs and installation of digital and analog sound systems, and upgrade of LGB locomotives from DC to combined DC/DCC digital power.  Digital power and sound systems used include LGB, Phoenix, Soundtraxx, Massoth, ESU, and Piko.

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He has also set up a LinkedIn Group "Steam Railfans USA" anyone can join that's interested in live steam locomotives, excursion railroads, etc.  Click on link.

Thomas White is a member of the Timber Heritage Association in Humbolt County California, where he grew up.  The THA has a large collection of several logging locomotives, railroad cars, and equipment at their Somoa Roundhouse and Shops.  Pacific Lumber Company No. 37, a 1925 Alco 2-6-2T, is being restored at the Pennsylvania Strasburg Railroad Shops and THA will evenually use it as an excursion steam train around Humbolt Bay.  They currently provide Speeder rides to the public from Somoa on a scenic track right away.  See their Website at   

LGB Factory Installed Sound
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