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To buy an item email me your name and address:  I will then send you a PayPal Invoice to your email address for the item plus shipping can then pay by credit card, bank account, or mail a check.    Shipping will be by the most economical method based upon weight and size:  USPS First Class Package ($5 & up); USPS Priority Mail ($7.50 & up); or for large & heavy items FedEx Home/Ground Delivery.


                       ESU DCC Components

ESU LokSound 5 XL DCC/DC Sound Decoder for G Scale

Screw Terminals without speaker


ESU LokProgrammer Module for DCC Decoder CV Programming and loading sound files: Power Supply, USB Adapter, CD-Rom, Instructions


Other ESU DCC components are available by special order.  Email me for a price quote.

Massoth DCC Components & Accessories

2.4GHz DiMax Wireless Navigator


Massoth 8212100 S DCC/DC Sound Decoder - Various locomotive sound files available - use on two track power wires - Ideal for DC/Analog locomotives


2.4GHz DiMax Wireless Receiver


eMotion L DCC/DC 2 amp Power/Driving Decoder 


eMotion XLS DCC/DC 4 amp Sound/Power Decoder without speaker


eMotion XL DCC/DC 4 amp Power/Driving Decoder 


eMotion DCC Reverse Loop Module - Use also for Wye Track Control


Massoth 8135301 19 Volts 4.7 Amps DC Switching Power Supply - Use with Massoth PC Module; Small DCC Central Stations; LGB Throttles 


DCC Pulsed Smoke Generator 


Massoth Navigator Conversion Kit to 2.4GHz - Includes a 2.4GHz Navigator Transmitter Module & 2.4GHz Wireless Receiver


Massoth Service Tool Software for DiMax Decoder PC Programming Module


DiMax Decoder PC Programming Module used with Massoth Service Tool to program decoder CVs and load sound files.  Comes with installation software on a USB Thumb Drive


Massoth 1K II 1-Channel Switch Decoder for Controlling 1 LGB Switch Motor - Use Brass Wire Clamps for Track Power 


Massoth 4K II 4-Channel Track Switch Decoder for Controlling 4 LGB Switch Motors


Volume Control Board


Reed Switch - Whistle/Horn/Bell Sound Activation Trigger


Power Cap Micro - Chargeable 

Capacitors for DC/Analog Locos


Power Cap Maxi - Chargeable 

Capacitors for DC/Analog Locos


Flickering Firebox LED Module DC/DCC


Massoth/LGB 5 Volt Plug-in Light Bulbs 

$2 each or $8.50 5 Pack

Massoth/LGB 19 Volt Plug-in Light Bulbs 

$2 each or $8.50 5 Pack

Plug-in Bulb Sockets 

$1 each piece

37.5mm Traction Tire for LGB Locomotives 

$2 each; $8.50 5 Pack; $15 10 Pack

46.5mm Traction Tire for LGB Mogul Locomotives 

$2 each; $8.50 5 Pack; $15 10 Pack

Massoth 57mm 3 Watt 8 Ohm Speaker with 2-wire connector - Fits into rear fuel/water bunker of LGB Forney Locomotives


Massoth 70mm 2 Watt 8 Ohm Speaker with 2-wire connector - Fits into speaker holder in LGB Mogul Locomotive's Tenders


Massoth Visaton FRS5 50mm 5 Watt 8 Ohm Speaker with 2-wire connector - Fit LGB Alco Diesel & Uintah Speaker Compartment


Massoth Visaton FRS7 66.5mm 15 Watt 8 Ohm Speaker with 2-wire connector 


Massoth Visaton 40mm 2 Watt 8 Ohm Speaker with 2-wire connector - Fit into LGB Switching Diesel's Front Engine Compartment


Massoth Solid Brass Track Wire Clamps with soldering pins for LGB Track - Used to provide track power to switch decoders, signals, reverse loops

$5.50 per 4 Clamps Shown

Massoth eMotion Electronic Fuses

$18 - 2 Pack

Massoth/LGB Power Pickup Shoes for LGB Locomotives

$8 - 2 Pack; $15 - 4 Pack

Massoth/LGB 14mm or 16mm Carbon Brushes for LGB Locomotives

$5 - 2 Pack; $8 - 4 Pack; $14 - 8 Pack

Locomotive Motor Block Gear Grease 50 grams


Massoth Rolling Roads for G Scale - 3 Piece Set


Automatic Uncoupler 

$58 each or $115 set of two

Hall Sensor "Chuff" Kit with Magnet and Sensor - Screw-on wheel axle, or push-on wheel axle versions


Other Massoth DCC components are available by special order from my supplier in Germany.Email me for a price quote.

Massoth/Piko DCC Starter Set - All Componets to Power a DCC Track Layout

DCC Setup includes the Massoth 2.4GHz Wireless DiMax Navigator, 2.4GHz Wireless DiMax Receiver, the Piko 5 amp DCC Central Station and a Piko 6 amp DC Power Supply.  Massoth makes the Piko DCC products so Massoth and Piko DCC components are usable together and interchangeable.  

                                                                                  $840 plus $45 USPS Priority Mail Shipping Insured.


Professional repairs, digital sound systems installations, DCC/Digital Decoder installations for LGB locomotives

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For orders and questions:  Email or Telephone 703-946-4522. 


Payments:  I will send you a PayPal Invoice to your email address.  You can pay the Invoice by credit card or checking account.   Option 2:  I can send you a Zelle bank transfer money request.  Option 3:  Mail me a check.  





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