You can easily start enjoying the LGB G scale trains hobby by purchasing an LGB Starter Set for yourself or your children.  They range from $300 - $400 and come with a locomotive engine, two train cars, a DC power supply, and a 4 foot circle of LGB track.  And you can easily add one or two manual track switches by also purchasing one of the LGB track extension sets where you can then park a train car on a siding and later couple it back up with the locomotive.  I started into the LGB Trains hobby exacting that way 35 years ago by buying an LGB Trains Starter Set.  Alternatively, you can purchase the items separately with an upgraded engine such as shown below, individual train cars, a box of LGB track curves, some straight track pieces, track switches, etc, plus you'll need the DC power supply.....all of these items are shown on my Website's page LGB Parts & Accessories.  And I can order for you any item shown in the LGB 2021 General Catalog.  Email me with any of your questions or for a price quote to get you started in this great model trains hobby!  

LGB Starter Set 1.png

LGB 72327 American Locomotive & Passenger Cars Starter Set - $380

LGB Starter Set 1-1.png
LGB Track Expansion Set Two Switches.png
LGB Track Expansion Set Two Switches-1.png
LGB 20753 DR Small Steamer Web page shot.png