Photo of LGB 25555 Southern Pacific SD40 Diesel Locomotive with Digital Sound

LGB 25555 Large.jpg

LGB 30261 Photo                          

LGB 30261-1.jpg

LGB 30261 Photos                           

LGB 30261-2.jpg
LGB 30261-3.jpg

LGB 23130 Olomana Museum Steam Locomotive -  Video & Sound Demonstration                             

Photo of LGB 41610 Automatic Shell Oil Barrels Dumping Car with Metal Wheels - Collector Item

LGB Automatic Barrel Dumping Car 41610-2
LGB Automatic Barrel Dumping Car -3.jpg
LGB Automatic Barrel Unloading Car Acces

LGB 10154 Automatic Unloading Track Accessory For DC Layouts 

Additional Cost $75

Video Demonstration - Operation of Auto Unloading Car Using Track Accessory For DC Layouts 

Videos - Operation of Auto Unloading Cars Installed DCC Decoder for DCC Powered Layouts