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LGB Connector Plug Install.jpg
LGB Connector Plug Install-1.jpg
LGB Connector Plug Install-2.jpg

Photo #1:  Start by removing wire strands you don't need for the Plug.  Photo #2:  Shown is a 5-Pin Plug with one wire strand removed.  Photo #3:  Use a tool such as a nail clipper to separate the wire strands and pull them apart to about 1 1/2 inch length.  Use the nail clipper to trim excess sheathing for each wire tip so they will fit inside the holes shown.

LGB Connector Plug Install-3.jpg
LGB Connector Plug Install-4.jpg
LGB Connector Plug Install-5.jpg
LGB Connector Plug Install-6.jpg

Photo #4:  Insert each wire into the wider-side holes......using small needle nose plyers can help the wire placement and insertion.  If you place some WD40 on the wire tips will help slide the wires into positiion.  Photo #5:  You push each wire into the hole until you see it visible on the plug's other side.   Photo #6:  Place the plug into a vise and tighten the plug until the copper terminals have completely closed down on the bottom portion of the plug.  There's a small notch that's visible on the side of the plug that must be in in the clicked  position.....use the vise to slightly press the plug further if necessary to position the notch properly.  

LGB Connector Plug Install-7.jpg
LGB Connector Plug - Final.jpg
LGB Connector Plug - Final-1.jpg

Photo of the completed connector plug installed.   If desired, you can perform a electrical connectivity continuity check on each wire and plug terminal to ensure all wires are correctly installed onto the plug.  You can now paint the multi-colored wire cable using block vinyl - fabric spray paint.......cover the connector plug first with black electrical tape or scotch tape to prevent getting paint on it.  Or, you can use a brush to paint the cable with flat black or semi-gloss paint.   Note:  If you want to paint the cable first before install the plug, cover the wire tips with tape to prevent paint on them........painted wire tips will be difficult to install into the plug. 

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