LGB Locomotive Electrical Connectors, Sockets & Cables

To buy an item email me your name and address:  I will then send you an invoice to your email address for the item plus shipping costs......you can then pay by credit card, PayPal, or mail a check.    Shipping will be by the most economical method based upon weight and size:  USPS First Class Package ($5 & up); USPS Priority Mail ($8.50 & up); or for large & heavy items FedEx Home/Ground Delivery.

Massoth 2-Pin Cable 8312204_800px.jpg

 Massoth 8312204 - Micro Decoder 2-Pin Cable/Plug for Speaker Connection 300mm
$2.50 each piece

Massoth 3-Pin Cable 8312304_800px-300x22

Massoth 83120304 - Micro Decoder 3-Pin Cable/Plug 300mm
$2.50 each piece

Massoth 4-Pin Cable 8312404_800px-300x22

Massoth 8312404 - Micro Decoder 4-Pin Cable/Plug 300mm
$2.50 each piece

ML 4-Pin Cable Connector.jpg

ML Double 4-Pin Connector and Cable for connecting LGB 20230 series Locomotives & Tenders.   

Massoth Plug-in Bulb Socket.GIF
Massoth 8312061 6-Pin Cable Connector.GI

Massoth 8311801 Socket for LGB Locomotive Push-Pin Light Bulbs

$2 each; $9 - 5 Pack  


Massoth 8129530 LED Spotlight with Resistor - Easily Install for  Locomotive Headlight, Cab Light & Rear Light - 5 - 22 Volts Excellent Brightness

$5 each

Push Pin Wire Connectors.jpg
Light Scoket & Cable.jpg

Head/Tail Light Socket 5 Volt Bulb on 12 Inch Cable for LGB Locomotives


massoth-cable-8312062 10-Pin.jpg

Massoth 8312061 DCC/MTS Decoder Interface Cable 6-Pin Connector.  Push-Pin Connectors can be soldered onto the wires, if required.

Push Pin Wire Connectors for use on LGB Locomotive Motor Blocks and installing Ball Bearing Wheels
$5 - 10 Pack


Massoth DCC/MTS Decoder Interface Cable 10-Pin.  Push-Pin connectors can be soldered onto the wires, if required.


Cable 6-Wire Connector.jpg
LGB-type 3-Pin Connector with 7 Inch Cab
LGB Ribbon Cable 22AWG 300 Volt 6-Pin Ca

You can make your own LGB-type Plug Connectors by using any of the 2-Pin to 6-Pin Connectors below and the 22 AWG 6-Lead Wire.  Strip off the wire leads you don't need for the specific connector and then fitting the connector onto the wire - use a small vise to press the connector onto the wire.   You can paint the multi-colored cable with either vinyl - fabric spray paint or brushed on flat black paint.

Six Color 6-Pin Ribbon Cable 22AWG 300 Volt 2.54 Pitch - Tin-plated Copper Stranded Wire - For attaching to 2-Pin, 3-Pin, 4-Pin, 5-Pin & 6-Pin LGB-type Connectors  - Paintable with Dupli-Color Vinyl - Fabric Spray Paint
$0.75 per foot

6-Pin Connector.jpg

6-Wire/Pin Connector for LGB Locomotive Cable to Tender
$3 each

5-Pin Connectors.jpg

5-Pin Connectors 
$3 each

4-Pin Connectors.jpg

4-Wire/Pin Connectors
$3 each

3-Pin Connectors.jpg

3-Wire/Pin Connectors 
$2.75 each

2-Pin Connectors.jpg

2-Wire/Pin Connectors 
$2.75 each

6-Pin Socket.jpg

6-Wire/Pin Socket for LGB Tenders

$2.50 each

5-Pin Sockets.jpg

5-Pin Sockets 

$2.50 each

4-Pin Sockets.jpg

4-Wire/Pin Sockets

$2.50 each

3-Pin Sockets.jpg

3-Wire/Pin Sockets

$2.25 each

2-Pin Socket.jpg

2-Wire/Pin Sockets

$2.25 each