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LGB Locomotive Electrical Connectors, Sockets & Cables

To buy an item, send an email with the item, your name, address and telephone number:  I will then send you an invoice to your email address for the item plus shipping can then pay by credit card, PayPal, or Zelle bank transfer.   Shipping will be by the most economical method based upon weight and size:  USPS First Class Package ($5 & up); USPS Priority Mail ($9 & up); or for large & heavy items FedEx Home/Ground Delivery Insured.

Massoth 2-Pin Cable 8312204_800px.jpg

 Massoth 8312204 - Micro Decoder 2-Pin Cable/Plug for Speaker Connection 300mm
$3.20 each piece

Massoth 3-Pin Cable 8312304_800px-300x22

Massoth 8312304 - Micro Decoder 3-Pin Cable/Plug 300mm
$3.20 each piece

Massoth 4-Pin Cable 8312404_800px-300x22

Massoth 8312404 - Micro Decoder 4-Pin Cable/Plug 300mm
$3.25 each piece

CL30051 LGB F7A - F7B Cable Set.png
LGB E280811 Replacement Cable for LGB F7AB Diesels 2020 .png
ML 4-Pin Cable Connector.jpg
Socket Cap.png

CL30051 Plugs and Cable Set for connecting older version LGB F7A - F7B Diesel Locomotives produced between 1997 - 2012 starting with the LGB 21570 F7A NYC and LGB 20570 F7A ATSF Diesels.  Comes with one double 2-Pin Plug Connector and one double 4-Piin Connector.

Massoth SUSI Cable.png

ML Double 4-Pin Connector and Cable for connecting LGB 20230 series Locomotives & Tenders.   Other Cables Available for LGB F7A - F7B Diesels, etc.

ML-Train Banana Plugs Cables.png

MLT88201007 Replacement Cover for LGB Locomotive & Tender Track Power Sockets
$1.50 each


Marklin 71000 Assortment Connector Plugs.png

LGB E280811 Replacement 2-Pin Cable Connector for use with Newer LGB F7A - F7B Diesel Units produced since 2017 beginning with the LGB 20578 F7A D&RGW Diesel.   The cable provides sound from the DC/DCC sound system in the F7A to the speaker in the F7B. 

Massoth 8312072  SUSI Cable 

MLT 85201020  Male & Female Banana Plugs and Plugs with Cables Available with various configurations.  The 2-wire double banana plug set shown above -
$9 each 2 wire set


Marklin 71000 Assorted Colors Male & Female Miniature Wire Connector Plugs.  Specifications:  24v. 4 Amps.  The screws hold wires in place.....solder-tin the wire ends for best holding power.  Requires one male and female plug per wire.  
$7 - 20 Pack 


Massoth Plug-in Bulb Socket.GIF
Massoth 8312061 6-Pin Cable Connector.GI

Massoth 8311801 Socket for LGB Locomotive Push-Pin Light Bulbs

$2 each; $9 - 5 Pack  

Massoth 8312061 DCC/MTS Decoder Interface Cable 6-Pin Connector.  Push-Pin Connectors can be soldered onto the wires, if required.


CL60166 Motor Block Cable & Connectors.png

CL60166  LGB Motor Block Wire Connectors - 8 Pack - Colors:  Yellow; White; Brown; Green.   One set is shrink-wrapped protected.


cl60194 2-Pin Socket for LGB Circuit Boards.jpg

CL60194 2-Pin Connector Socket for Soldering to  LGB Circuit Boards 
$3 each; $5 2-Pack

Massoth LED Spot Light.png

Massoth 8129530 LED Spotlight with Resistor - Easily Install for  Locomotive Headlight, Cab Light & Rear Light - 5 - 22 Volts Excellent Brightness

$5 each

Push Pin Wire Connectors.jpg

CL60037 Push Pin Wire Connectors for use on LGB Locomotive Motor Blocks and installing Ball Bearing Wheels
$5 - 10 Pack


MLT 84001010 8 Wire Motor Block Set.png

MLT 84001010 LGB Motor Block Wire Connectors - 8 Pack - Colors:  Yellow; White; Brown; Green. 

cl60195 3-Pin Socket for LGB Circuit Boards.jpg

CL60194 3-Pin Connector Socket for Soldering to LGB Circuit Boards 
$3 each; $5 2-Pack

Light Scoket & Cable.jpg

Head/Tail Light Socket 5 Volt Bulb on 12 Inch Cable for LGB Locomotives


massoth-cable-8312062 10-Pin.jpg

Massoth 8312062 DCC/MTS Decoder Interface Cable 10-Pin.  Push-Pin connectors can be soldered onto the wires, if required.

LGB E129783 2-Pin Tender Cable.png

LGB E129783 2-Pin Double Plug Cable for LGB Sound Tender to Locomotive 

cl60196 4-Pin Socket for LGB Circuit Boards.jpg

CL60194 4-Pin Connector Socket for Soldering to LGB Circuit Boards 
$3 each; $5 2-Pack


Cable 6-Wire Connector.jpg
LGB-type 3-Pin Connector with 7 Inch Cab
LGB Ribbon Cable 22AWG 300 Volt 6-Pin Ca

You can make your own LGB-type Plug Connectors by using any of the 2-Pin to 6-Pin Connectors below and the 22 AWG 6-Lead Wire.  Strip off the wire leads you don't need for the specific connector and then fitting the connector onto the wire - use a small vise to press the connector onto the wire.   You can paint the multi-colored cable with either vinyl - fabric spray paint or brushed on flat black paint.


LGB Locomotive 4-Strain Colored Wire Cable.png

CL60165 LGB Locomotive Motor Block Four Color  Green/Brown/White/Yellow  4-Lead Wire Cable 24 AWG 
$0.85 per foot

OD12100 Six Color 6-Pin Ribbon Cable 22AWG 300 Volt 2.54 Pitch - Tin-plated Copper Stranded Wire - For attaching to 2-Pin, 3-Pin, 4-Pin, 5-Pin & 6-Pin LGB-type Connectors  - Paintable with Dupli-Color Vinyl - Fabric Spray Paint
$0.75 per foot


Uxcell A18033 2-Conductor Wire Red-Black 28 AWG for Wiring Locomotive & Passenger Car Lights, Smoke Generators, etc.  Tin-plated Multi-Strand Copper 0.12TS x 2; Rated Temperature: 80 Degree; Rated Voltage: 300V.
$.35 per foot


Wire 28 AWG 2 Conductor Red Black.png
LGB 50140 Black White 2-Wire Cable.jpg
LGB Wire Accessories.png
LGB Wire Track Power.png

LGB 50140 Black/White 2-Conductor Wire for Connecting Layout Lights, Control Devices and Accessories - 20 AWG
$24 - 65 Feet or
$.50 per foot


LGB 51233 White/Black  2-Conductor Wire for AC Track Power Cable - 14 AWG - $24 - 49 Feet or
$.50 per foot


LGB 51235 Red/Black  2-Conductor Wire Track Power Cable - 20 AWG - $24 - 65 Feet or
$.50 per foot


6-Pin Connector.jpg

CL60079 6-Wire/Pin Connector Plug for LGB Locomotive Cable to Tender
$4 each

5-Pin Connectors.jpg

CL60042 5-Pin Connector Plug
$4 each

4-Pin Connectors.jpg

CL60040 4-Wire/Pin Connector Plug
$3 each

3-Pin Connectors.jpg

CL60076 3-Wire/Pin Connector Plug
$3 each

2-Pin Connectors.jpg

CL60038-Wire/Pin Connector Plug
$3 each

6-Pin Socket.jpg

CL60080 6-Wire/Pin Socket for LGB Tenders
$3 each

5-Pin Sockets.jpg

CL60043 5-Pin Socket
$3 each

4-Pin Sockets.jpg

CL60041 4-Wire/Pin Socket
$2.50 each

3-Pin Sockets.jpg

CL60079 3-Wire/Pin Socket
$3 each

2-Pin Socket.jpg

CL60039 2-Wire/Pin Socket
$2.50 each

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