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BRAND NEW:  Bachmann 86094  Elk River Coal & Lumber Co. #4 Two-Truck Climax Steam Locomotive with DCC Power & Sound Decoder Onboard.  Operates also on DC/Analog power.  


Technical features:  DCC equipped; Non-proprietary Plug & Play electronics interface for you to add, if desired, your own sound decoder to replace the existing one made by Soundtraxx; track or battery power switch; Motor power on/off switch; DCC or DC operation of cab lights, firebox flicker, and ash pan glow; Smoke unit on/off switch for DCC or DC operation; Steam chuff sound adjustment; Constant lighting of LED headlight and cab light; Three smokestacks options; coal or oil fuel load; die-cast metal frame, driving wheels and stuck assembly; Electrical pickup from all wheels; Precision-balanced can motor.


 The Class “B” two-truck locomotive, introduced by Climax in 1893, featured a horizontal boiler with slanted cylinders. The new design was an instant success and quickly became Climax’s most popular model, remaining so throughout the company’s history. Bachmann is proud to present this Climax model with SoundTraxx® Tsunami® sound technology that allows you to enjoy every authentic whistle, bell, chuff, and much more in realistic high-quality 16-bit sound.
Features include:
• DCC sound-equipped
• nonproprietary plug-and-play electronics interface to accommodate the control system of your choice, including DC, NMRA DCC, and radio control/battery operation
• choose track or battery power pickup, operation according
to NMRA or Large Scale railroading practices, motor power on/off, and DCC or DC operation of cab lights, firebox flicker, and ash pan glow with a center “off ” position
• switch behind the smoke box door with center “off ” position to choose either DCC or DC operation of the smoke unit
• optical sensors in the locomotive that give you the option of adjusting the timing and count of steam chuffs
• realistic firebox flicker and ash pan glow
• electrical pickup on all wheels
• precision-balanced can motor
• super-detailed power trucks with accurate sideframes, brake beams, brake hangers, brake shoes, and distinctive Climax spoked drivers
• die-cast metal I beam frames and motor mounts
• prototypically correct operating Johnson bar and inside Stephenson valve gear
• constant lighting of the LED headlight and cab light
• numerous prototype details including blackened metal handrails and coupler lift bars; air pump; accurately scaled sand lines and additional piping; brass bell, pop valves, and whistle; electric generator; and scale rivet detail

 choice of three smokestack styles
• locomotive cab with operating doors, windows and roof hatch, authentically detailed with globe valves, water sight glass, gauges, throttle, air brake stand, reversing (Johnson) bar, and piping
• choice of coal or oil fuel load
Decoder features include:
• authentic sound effects uniquely appropriate to each model
• three whistles to choose from in each model
• real-time whistle for creating authentic signals
• high-quality 16-bit digital sound
• advanced motor control features, including load compensation and silent drive to provide smooth, quiet operation
• supports all recognized programming methods

There's no warranty coverage available on Bachmann locomotives.


Shipping is an estimate.  When you order this item, don't pay for it until you receive an invoice from me by email with the specific shipping and insurance costs for your address.


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