BRAND NEW:  LGB 20252 Lake George & Boulder Railroad Forney Steam Locomotive with Digital Electronic sounds:  Chuff sounds with wheel synchronization; Bell and whistle sounds trigger by track magnets (two furnished); Automatic whistle blast when moving forward or reverse; simulated firebox fire; coal shoveling; air pump and steam release sounds.  A volume control is positioned under the fuel bunker cover.  Directional headlight and rear light; cab light.  Has 4-way power switch and 5 volt stabilization of the lights;  operating smoke unit.  Comes with User's Guide, two LGB 65012 Track Magnets for activating the whistle and bell, and the LGB Red Storage Box.


There's a 12 Months Warranty on this LGB locomotive - See coverage at top of the page. 



LGB 20252 Lake George & Boulder Forney Steam Locomotive - Sound