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This item is in stock and available for purchase and immediate shipment.


This is an EMD F7B diesel locomotive in an Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad version that was used with the F7A or in combination as an F7ABA consist. The paint scheme and lettering are prototypical for Era III. The locomotive body is partially chrome-plated to show the original locomotive's typical stainless steel look. The unit has a built-in speaker that can be powered from either an LGB 20581 or 20583 F7A Diesel with a the supplied connecting cable.  


Matching LGB Santa Fe train cars are also available to order for this engine:  LGB 36567 Vista Dome Car; LGB 36568 Observation Car; LGB 36569 Passenger Car; LGB 36578 Dining Car; and LGB 36579 Baggage Car.  Contact for pricing and to order.


Marklin provides a two year warranty on this item. 


Shipping is an estimate.  When you order this item, don't pay for it until you receive an invoice from me by email with the specific shipping and insurance costs for your address.

LGB 20582 F7B Santa Fe Diesel Locomotive with Speaker

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