BRAND NEW:  LGB 21251 Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes 4-4-0 Forney Steam Locomotive.  Operates on DC/Analog power.  Features:  Directional headlight and taillight; cab light; operating smoke unit; Traction Tire;  Power On/Off Switch in Cab.


There's a 12 Months Warranty on this LGB locomotive - See coverage at top of the page.


Sound Installation Option - Price Includes the Locomotive - $795.  Old Dominion Railways will install a Massoth DCC/DC Sound Decoder into the locomotive's circuit board and a Massoth 8241010 57mm, 3 Watt Speaker and Massoth Volume Control in the rear fuel bunker; an LGB Sound Activation Trigger has been installed onto the rear truck to activate the whistle and bell using two LGB 17050 Track Magnets provided with the locomotive.   This locomotive and basic chuff and steam sounds will operate in DC/Analog power mode but all the Massoth decoder's locomotive sounds can be controlled by operating the locomotive in DCC power mode.   All DCC Sound Decoder installations are covered by a 12 months warranty, parts and labor.  

SOLD 5-28-2021 LGB 21251 Sandy River Forney Steam Locomotive