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BRAND NEW:  The LGB 21570 F7A Diesel Locomotive operates on DC Analog powered track layouts.  Locomotive diesel operating sounds are available when a matching LGB 21582 F7B Diesel Unit with New York Cenral RR markings is connected to the F7A unit.  Locomotive Features:  Weather-resistant construction; opening cab doors; three-way power switch; six powered wheels; one traction tire; built-in speaker used when a matching LGB F7B Sound Unit is connected; Voltage Stabilizer Circuit; Directional Headlight; Two Multipurpose Sockets.  Comes with LGB User's Guide.   


Has a DCC Decoder Interface on the circuit board for installing two DCC decoders to operate the locomotive on MTS/DCC systems, and to provide full control of the sound system in a connected LGB 21582 F7B Locomotive sound unit.


There's a 12 Months Warranty on this LGB locomotive - See coverage at top of the page.


    LGB 21570 F7A Diesel Locomotive New York Central