The LGB 22892 Sumpter Valley Steam Locomotive with Tender is one of the largest steam locomotives made by the original LGB company, produced in 2005 before the company went into bankruptcy.  It has a factory onboard MTS/DCC/DC sound decoder installed with synchronized steam chuffs and bell & whistle sounds, brake sounds, air pump/safety/steam sounds......a volume control knob is located in the boiler top.  A reed switch is installed in  the rear motor block for activating the whistle and bell with track magnets.  Other features:  Smoke generator; directional headlight and tender light; flickering firebox LED in the cab; and two traction tires.   Comes with the a copy of the LGB User Guide, two LGB 17050 Track Magnets, and the LGB red storage box.


MTS/DCC Operation F Key Listing:  F0 - Lights; F1 - Crossing Signal; F2 - Brake Sound; F3 - Bell; F4 - Station Announcement; F5 - Flickering Firebox; F6 - Injector Sound; F7 - Smoke Generator; F8 - All Sounds On/Off.


This locomotive comes with a one year warranty on the motor blocks as described above.  

LGB 22892 Sumpter Valley with MTS/DCC/DC Sound