The LGB 23192 Colorado & Southern #8 Steam Locomotive with Beartrap Smoke Stack, Snow Plow, and Sound.  This Mogul is in New Condition with no noticable wear on the electrcal pickup shoes and wheels.  The original owner was an electrical engineer who installed an LGB 55021 MTS/DCC Driving Decoder into the engine and tender.  So the locomotive and tender's sound board operates on DC, DCC or MTS.   This one-owner locomotive was only shelf displayed after he bought it new.  Tested as fully operational by Old Dominion Railways.


Features:  Directional headlight and rear tender light;  steam operating & chuff sounds; whistle activates upon starting movement; flickering firebox LEDs; whistle and bell can be activated by either track magnets or in DCC/MTS operating mode by F Key # 1 (Press once = whistle; Press twice = bell);  operating smoke unit in DC analog mode or F Key #3 in DCC/MTS operating mode.   Comes with LGB User Guide, two LGB Track Magnets, and the red LGB storage box in fair condition due to some water damage while the box was stored in the garage.


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SOLD 9-17-2021 LGB 23192 C&S #8 Mogul Locomotive with Sound