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See the video of the Union Pacific #119 operating on Massoth Roller Wheels on a DCC test track.  With DCC, you can set up both locomotives on Roller Wheels facing each other and control individually each locomotive's movement, sounds, pulsed smoker, and lights.  The ESU CabControl DCC Digital System, shown on my Website, would be the perfection tool for doing this.  Send me an email if you'd like to receive an advance copy of the User Guide for the LGB 29000 Engine Set and I'll respond with a PDF file copy.  You'll receive a hard copy of the User Guide with the purchase of the set.


After cleared purchase, this item will be ordered from Marklin USA with delivery to Old Dominion Railways within four days, then shipped to you.  Or, if your payment can be confirmed, I can arrange for a Drop Shipment directly to you from Marklin USA in Jefferson City, MO, which may be lower shipping costs and faster delivery to you.


This special set comes with two finely detailed metal replica locomotives, the Jupiter and the Union Pacific #119, that commenorate the completion of the U. S. transcontinental railroad 150 years ago.  Special Features:  mfc/DCC onboard sound decoder with pulsed smoke generators that are sync'd with the chuff sounds, operating headlights, cab light, flickering fireboxes, running sounds, and reed switches for track magnet activation of the whiste and bell.  Additional Features of these models: Steam cylinder exhaust smoke; working steam whistles; working link & pin couplers; cab doors & smoke box doors open; figures of locomotive engineers and firemen included.  These locomotives will also operate in DC analog power.  Also comes with a gold-plated reproduction of a track spike and model flagstaffs with authentic flags. The models are packaged in a quality wooden case. 


Shipping by FedEx Home Delivery or UPS Ground with full insurance for this heavy 60 pound box is estimated to be $175.  When you purchase this item, I will calculate the exact shipping costs to your location's Zip Code and will either refund or bill you for the correct amount of shipping......any excess shipping charges will be refunded to you.  Local pickup in McLean VA at no cost is also the shipping charges.


Marklin's two year warranty applies to these items.

LGB 29000 150th Golden Spike Anniversary Set mfx/dcc/dc Sound, Lights, Smoke