The LGB 29182 Mogul #20 Features:  MTS/DCC/DC factory sound system - synchronized steam chuffs, bell & whistle, brake sounds, air pump; Flickering Firebox LED; Engine Four Way Control Switch; Sound Volume Controller on Firebox; Voltage Stabilization Circuit; Smoke Generator; Directional Headlight; Multipurpose Socket.  The locomotive also has a reed activation trigger in the motor block which will activate the whistle and bell when crossing over track magnets.......two each of the LGB 17050 are furnished with the locomotive.  Comes with LGB User Guide and red LGB storage box.


This model was produced by the original LGB company in Germany during the 2004 - 2006 timeframe.


One year warranty on the motor block applies to this locomotive per the description on the Website.  

LGB 29182 DSP&P RR Mogul #20 with MTS/DCC/DC Sound