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LIKE-NEW CONDITION:  LGB 41610 Automatic Barrel Dumping Car with metal wheels operates on DC/Analog layouts.    For DC layouts, in order to unload the hopper car, it must be stopped over an LGB 10154 trigger track section that's controlled by an LGB 51570 Momentary Switch connected to AC Accessories from your Power Supply. After pressing a button on the LGB 51750, one side wall of the hopper car is motorized to swing upwards and the barrels or other materials will slide off. The LGB 10154 trigger track comes with a plastic tray to catch the cargo load.  Price - $175

Like-New LGB 10154 Track Activation Unit is required to use the Automatic Unloading Car on a DC track layout.......see Photos Page.  The Track Activation Unit is powered by the AC Accessories Output of your Transformer/Power Supply by connecting it to an LGB 51750, 5175 or 5075 Momentary Control Unit.  Very easy hookup process.  Price - $75

Like- New DCC Version LGB 41610 Automatic Unloading Car.  You can operate the Automatic Unloading Car anyplace on your DCC LGB 10154 Track Activation Unit required.  Installed in the Unloading Car is a Massoth 8156601 DiMax 1-Channel Switch Decoder connected to the inside electric motor and a set of LGB 67403 Ball Bearing Wheels to provide track power to the Massoth DCC Decoder.  Price - $300


DCC Conversion Service:  Old Dominion Railways will convert your LGB 41610  Automatic Unloading Car or LGB 40650 Automatic Cup Dumping Car to DCC operation by installing a Massoth 1-Channel Switch Decoder and LGB Ball Bearing Wheels set.   See videos of both operating in DCC mode.

Price - $135

DIY DCC Conversion:  Purchase the Massoth 8156601 DiMax  1-Channel Switch Decoder and the LGB 67403 Ball Bearing Wheel Set from Old Dominion Railways and install them yourself.......go to this Website's Parts page for prices.  Old Dominion Railways will provide you with the instructions to convert your LGB 41610 Automatic Unloading Car to DCC operation. 

Shipping is an estimate.  When you order this item, don't pay for it until you receive an invoice from me by email with the specific shipping and insurance costs for your address.


Like-New - LGB 41610 Automatic Oil Barrels Dumping Car - DC Motorized Control

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