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Minimum fee is $55 to test, diagnose and perform general maintenance on an LGB locomotive, e.g., re-grease motor block gears, oil axles, etc.  Total repair costs depend upon the complexity and time to repair your locomotive, plus price of parts.  For example, the labor fee to replace a motor into an LGB Stainz locomotive D Motor Block is $85 plus $60 for the motor.  The labor fee for a Mogul motor replacement is $100; if idler gears or carbon brushes are also replaced, the labor fee is $125 plus parts.

DCC Sound Decoder & Speaker Installation Fee: $175 for single motor block locomotive; two motor block locomotive $200.  LGB Mogul Locomotive:  Re-wire Tender's 6-pin socket circuit board for 6-wire cable functional connections to Mogul's decoder:  Speaker, Track Power and Rear Light - The track power pick up carbon brushes will also be tested for proper function - $55.

A 4-Pin motor block is required to install a DCC Sound Decoder except for the Massoth S decoder, the ESU 5Fx decoder, the LGB 65000 series Sound Modules, and the Phoenix PB17 Sound Board which only require connection to DC or DCC track power to function.  LGB motor block conversion fee is $35; two motor block locomotive $60. 

Since clam shell motor blocks must be completely disassembled, the labor fee is higher for conversion to 4-pin functionality required for installing a DCC decoder:  $50


Before installing a DCC decoder, your locomotive will be bench tested, and the motor block opened to inspect the gears and axles, to identify any electrical or mechanical issues.  You will be notified if any critical repairs are needed including the estimated parts and labor, e.g., replacing broken or very worn idler gears or carbon brushes.  New gear grease will be added to the motor block and the wheels and carbon brushes will be cleaned  and axles oiled at no additional charge.

LGB Decoder Symbols.jpg

LGB Locomotives:  One of these Symbols indicates the "D" type 4 - Pin Motor Block is DCC Decoder "Ready" or has an "On-board" Decoder Installed

DCC Sound Decoders cost $165 - $210; Speakers are $12 and up.  Sound Decoders Available for  Installation:  Massoth, ESU, Marklin/LGB mfx/dcc, Phoenix, Piko American Steam, Soundtraxx, and LGB 65000 Sound Modules.  The total cost parts and labor for a DCC/DC Sound decoder installation ranges $400 and up.  

Clam Shell Motor Blocks:  The motor block including wheels must be completely disassembled to replace a motor, a very time consuming and labor intensive effort, so the labor fee is higher.  For an LGB 2020 Stainz, the labor fee is $125 plus parts.  For an LGB 2040 Crocodile, the labor fee is $150 per motor block plus $60 per motor.



When an older LGB Mogul locomotive stops operating, usually the motor has failed from years of operating use.  A complete motor block overhaul should also be performed in this situation.  The motor block is completely disassembled and the following items removed:  failed motor;  wheels sets with driving rods, axles and gears; idler gears; carbon brushes; slider shoes.  The motor block is thoroughly flushed clean; the wheels sets are thoroughly cleaned to remove carbon build-up on the inner wheels.  The motor block is reassembled with a new motor, new idler gears; slider shoes and carbon brushes.  All gears are re-greased and wheel axles and driving rod are silicone lubricated, and a new traction tire installed on the traction wheel.  Complete Motor Block Overhaul & Refurbishment Service:  $175 plus parts ($60 LGB Buhler Motor; Idler Gear Set $9; Carbon Brushes 4 Pack $8; Slider Shoe Set $8; Traction Tire $2). Other repair or parts replacements are an additional fee, e.g., the wheels sets with gears are $25 each; the drive rod sets are $35 each side.   A Mogul motor block overall and refurbishment will make your locomotive into a like-new condition which should operate for many years without failure.

LGB Mogul Damaged Idler Gears Carbon Bru
LGB Mogul Damaged Idler Gears Carbon Bru
LGB Mogul Damaged Idler Gears Carbon Bru

The Massoth 8415001 Round Boiler Pulsed Smoke Generators are one of the best pulsed smokers available, very reliable and produce excellent smoke volume.  The labor fee to install into most LGB steam locomotives' smoke box is $125 plus $110 for the Massoth Pulsed Smoker.  However, LGB Mogul and Forney Steam Locomotives have a large lead weight in their boilers which protrude into the smoke box.  For these locomotives, the lead weight, which is a hazardous metal, must be removed, then a large portion must be cut off with a table saw, for the smoker's fitment.  Then the cut-off piece must be cut up into various smaller  pieces and then repositioned inside the smoke box and boiler, a very dangerous, time-consuming and labor-intensive project:  Labor Fee $175 plus $110 for the Pulsed Smoke:  Total $285.  The demonstration video below shows a recent Massoth pulsed smoke generator installation into a customer's LGB Penn Forney Steam Locomotive with an ESU LokSound 5XL DCC Sound Decoder installed.  And there are several demonstration videos on my Website's Homepage with the Massoth Pulsed smoker installed.

LGB Mogul Motor Block with operating problems
Damaged Idler Gears and Worn Carbon Brushes needing replacement
Photo of Overhauled and Refurbished Mogul Locomotive Motor Block

LGB 20670 Track Cleaner Repair3.jpg
LGB 20670 Track Cleaner Repair.jpg
LGB 20670 Track Cleaning Locomotive complete refurbishment with motor block conversion, new DC/DCC circuit board etc.

                                                PACKING AND SHIPPING YOUR LGB LOCOMOTIVE TO OLD DOMINION RAILWAYS

                                                                                                       VERY IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ

It's very important to ship your LGB locomotive using the original red LGB storage box with the Styrofoam insert.   Add small pieces of small bubble wrap rolled up and wedged between the front and end of the locomotive so that it does not move forward or backwards during shipping......also place some bubble wrap on the cab and on top of the smoke stack so it does not move up and down in the foam insert.  If it's an Mogul or other locomotive with tender, roll up a piece of bubble wrap wedged between the locomotive and the tender,  to prevent any movement inside the Styrofoam insert.  You should ensure the LGB loco can not move back and forth, sideways, or up and down inside the LGB red storage box during the shipment process that could cause breakage.  If your Mogul has the large flared wood burned smoke stack, it's advisable to twist it out with the smoke unit intact, and let it hang over the front of the can place some bubble wrap around it.  I've received several LGB Mogul locomotives with the large smoke stacks broken off their base during shipping.  Also, if your locomotive has a cow catcher on it, like to LGB Moguls, it's advisable to unscrew to the two little screws and remove the cow catcher.  I received from customer their Moguls with the cow catcher broken off including the bracket that part of the motor block frame which is then very expensive to repair.  If you can hear or feel your locomotive move when you turn the red LGB storage box upside down, you need to add more bubble wrap material around the locomotive inside the foam insert to secure it from moving around during shipping......otherwise it's likely I will receive your locomotive in a damaged condition.  The photo below shows how I secure a Mogul inside the foam insert by using a rolled pieces of small bubble wrap held in place with packing tape placed onto both sides of the foam insert........holds the locomotive down so it can't move up or down.


Next, use a larger shipping box than the red LGB storage box so that at least two inches of foam peanuts, air bags, paper or large bubble wrap completely surrounds the red LGB box inside.  For my LGB locomotive shipments of large, heavy locomotives such as a the 8 pound Mogul locomotive, I use a 32x12x12 shipping box.   FedEx Ship & Print Centers have various sizes of shipping boxes at reasonable prices and will also pack your locomotive for a reasonable fee.  I then use packing tape to hold several layers of air bags and medium bubble wrap or shipping paper inside so the locomotive will be able to aborb mis-handling shocks during shipping.   I normally use FedEx Ground or Home Delivery Insured, Signature Receipt for my shipments of larger LGB locomotives.  For smaller locomotives such as a Stainz, USPS Priority Mail Insured may be economical for shorter distance shipping; FedEx Ground or Home Delivery is usually the most economical for long distance shipments.   

If you no longer have the original red LGB Storage Box with the foam insert for your LGB Mogul locomotive, you'll need to cover your locomotive with several layers of medium sized bubble wrap so it will not arrive damaged.  You should not be able to feel the locomotive at any area; if you do, add more bubble wrap to that area using shipping tape to secure it in place.

LGB Mogul Packing 2.jpg
LGB Mogul Packing 3.jpg
LGB Mogul Cocooned.jpg
LGB Mogul Packing 1.jpg
LGB Mogul Packing 4.jpg
LGB Mogul Packing 5.jpg
FedEx Golf Shipment Box 48x15x15.jpg

Seller's Workmanship 12 Months Quality Guarantee:  Applies for any repair or installation service listed that we perform for you.  The workmanship of the repair or installation of a sound system and/or DC/DCC power decoder system is guaranteed to be free of defects for 12 months, the labor to repair is free.  If the electronic decoder or sound board fails during this period, the manufacturer's warranty, if any, might cover the replacement cost.  If the manufacturer will not replace the component, the buyer must pay us for the replacement unit.  Shipping charges to send your locomotive to us and the shipping  charges to return the locomotive back to you are the customer's responsibility.  For Locomotives sold through this Website, read the seller's one year quality guarantee listed for each specific item.  All Sales Final - No Returns. 


Feedback from Customers

# July 2022:  Good morning Thomas, the engine arrived yesterday as I had it on vacation hold. Opened up and ran on the track. What a difference. I feel it runs better than when it was new. All the suggestions you made were spot on and added to the engine. Thank you again for a wonderful job. Please share with me how you got the engine so clean. Take care and thanks again.  Chris


# October 2021:  Just this afternoon I had the chance to open my LGB 2071D. 

Weather in central Ohio has not allowed me to get outside, but I set it up on my work table to check it out.  I am thrilled.  The sound is spectacular.

The look of the loco beautiful.  The functionality, and the number of function options is incredible.  The extremely high level of your professional skill is on full display with the time and effort you invested in this loco.


I have lost track if this is the fifth, or the sixth LGB Sound Decoder upgrade you have done for me.  Each and everyone has exceeded my expectations with regard to your significant ability, your communication level,  and the final result.    When I placed my LGB 2071D on the track for it’s first test you would think I am 12 years old again.  I was that excited, and pleased with my loco.    Thank you my friend for the your time, effort and imagination.  Although I have always enjoyed my LGB hobby, since finding you my level of enjoyment with my hobby has significantly increased.


# December 2020:  "Tom, To me this is an absolutely beautiful sight. The sound is great. This is the best smoke function I have seen.

Next I want to get my LGB 2040 “Croc” to you for your professional services.  Same drill again. Remove previously installed decoder and install proper Massoth Sound Decoder and Speaker.  Can I UPS it to you later this coming week?  I will include a complete listing of my service request with the 2040.  Looking forward to having you work your magic with my 2040.  I envy your talent, and admire your work.  My best,  Mark

#  September 2020:  “I truly appreciate your skill and workmanship with this repair [LGB Mogul Locomotive], not to mention your amazing turnaround time!  If anyone needs a reference, please feel free to use my name.”  

#  August 2020:  "Hi Tom, I opened the Mogul [you repaired] today and it runs and sounds great.  Thanks so much for all your help."


#  July 2020:  Installation of a Massoth XLS DCC Sound Decoder into a customer's LGB 21761 Euro Steamer:  "“Love it, works great.......I'm very, very happy!”

 #  June 2020:  "I made it over to your website.  Very cool place.  I looked all over your site and really like it.  I thumbed through all of your services and sound parts for sale."


#  March 2020:  "Hi Tom.  Thanks so very, very much for upgrading the sound in my LGB 23192 Mogul.  It's a heck of a lot better than what was originally installed.”

 #  April 2019:  "First, the new [LGB] Alco has become my wife's favorite, and as someone myself who has retrofitted my share of LGB locos with decoders, I am

extremely impressed not only with the job you did with the physical install, but the programming and operation is amazing.....well done!""


 #  May 2019:  "Hi Tom the locomotive arrived yesterday afternoon. Thank you so much for having my sound system checked . Also thank you for keeping my trains up and running. Out of all the repair shops I’ve been to I find your service the most reliable. Some of the other repair shops I’ve been to take about a year and half just to install a sound system 

 #  July 2018:  "The service I received from Tom was of the highest quality and exceeded my expectations.  I appreciated the attention to detail he took in the process of installing a DCC unit to one of my G Scale engines and then taking the time to sit down with me and demonstrate the functions of the DCC unit.  I did not feel like I was just another customer to him, but rather a fellow G Scale enthusiast.  I have several more G Scale engines I need to have DCC units installed in, and Tom is the only person I would have do the work." 

Decoder Wiring Photo.jpg
LGB Chloe Soundtraxx Tsunami2 4400 Decod
LGB Alco Install2.jpg
New Picture (98).png
Mogul 2018D Modified Motor Block & Coate
Mogul Motor Block Conversion 3-pin to 4-pin
Weights sprayed for corrosion protection

 Video - Converted LGB Chloe Steam Locomotive to Soundtraxx Tsunami2 DCC/DC  Sound/Power Decoder

Mogul Massoth Smoker Install Mogul.jpg

 Video - Massoth Pulsed       Smoker

Mogul Massoth Smoker Install Mogul2.jpg
Massoth LED Firebox Install Mogul.jpg
     Massoth Firebox LED
Massoth XLS Install Mogul.jpg
Mogul DCC Install2.jpg
Mogul DCC Install3.jpg
LGB Mogul Install4.jpg
LGB Mogul Install.jpg
LGB Mogul Install2.jpg
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