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LGB 2076 DR Steamer - ESU Install 3-30-2022.jpg
LGB 2076 DR Steamer - ESU Install 3-30-2022-3.jpg
LGB 2076 DR Steamer - ESU Install 3-30-2022-1.jpg
LGB 2076 DR Steamer - ESU Install 3-30-2022-2.jpg

10-11-2022 LGB 2219S Mogul Steam Locomotive Conversion to ESU LokSound 5XL DCC Sound Decoder.  Features:  S0815 Sound File Everett Railroad #11 EV Alco 2-6-0 Steamer; Massoth LED Spotlight in Cab; Massoth LED Firebox Module; Massoth Volume Control Board; Headlight & Tender Light LEDs; Massoth 70mm 2 Watt 8 Ohm Speaker in Tender.

1-25-2022  LGB 20280  Mogul Steamer with factory mfx/dcc/dc Sound Decoder and pulsed smoker.   Customer's locomotive was repaired and refurbished to like-new condition:  The original factory MSD3 mfx/dcc/dc Sound Decoder replaced with an upgraded MSD3 mfx/dcc/dc sound decoder with the Silverton Mogul sound file installed from the Marklin Germany sound library; motor block overhauled with new motor, idler gears, carbon brushes, slider shoes; new leading wheel set and all three of the main wheels sets were replaced with new wheels sets; traction tire replaced.  The existing pulsed smoke generator was operating well and not replaced.    Note that the Mogul sound file installed on the decoder is the same file that's used in the new LGB 20282 Durango & Silverton Mogul Steamer that's just been recently produced and shipped to the USA by the LGB Factory in Hungry. 


LGB 20280 Mogul Steamer mfx dcc dc MSD3 Decoder.jpg

10-21-2021   LGB 2076 DR 0-4-0 DR Steamer Locomotive Conversion to ESU 5XL DCC Sound Decoder - Clam Shell Motor Block


3-31-2022   Customer’s LGB 2071D Zetteral Steam Locomotive:  Installed ESU LokSound 5XL Sound Decoder & 40mm 3 Watt Speaker into firebox; ESU Sound File #S0022; Set CV Lights & Smoker for 18 Volts; Motor Setting for Buhler Motor; Address #2; RailComPlus Activated for use with customer's ESU CabControl DCC System.


LGB Steam Tram with Soundtraxx Tsunami2 TSU-4400 DCC Sound Decoder Installed

LGB 20882 Uintah Steamer Conversion to DCC with Retaining Existing Factory Sound Board

LGB Uintah Nootens Relays 4.jpg
LGB Uintah Nootens 1.jpg
LGB Uintah Nootens Relays 5.jpg
LGB Uintah Nootens Relays 2.jpg
LGB Uintah Nootens Relays 3.jpg

1-15-20222 LGB 20882 Uintah DC Analog Sound Locomotive Conversion to Massoth XL DCC Driving Decoder Project.   This LGB locomotive model has no DCC Interface Connector so the existing main circuit board was removed and the XL DCC Decoder installed and the two motor blocks, lights, and smoker were wired to it.  The customer likes the locomotive's original factory sound so the sound board was retained and wired to the decoder which was assigned F3 function key for Sound On/Off.  Sound volume is still controlled by the twist knob under the steam dome.  Two ESU Miniature Relays were also connected to the XL Decoder and then to the sound board's Reed Switch 3-Pin socket shown in the photos......these relays work similar to a reed switch to activate the whistle and bell but now using F1 and F2 function keys assigned in the decoder.  The locomotive's existing 5v. smoker was replaced with an LGB 18v. smoker and wired to the decoder and is activated On/Off by the F7 function key.


9-27-2022     LGB 20251.1 Pennsylvania Forney Steam Locomotive converted to an ESU LokSound 5XL DCC Sound Decoder and Massoth Round Boiler Pulse Smoke Generator.  

12-2021 LGB 20215 Christmas Stainz with Massoth LS DCC Sound Decoder Installed.  The 40mm Speaker is hidden by installation into the Firebox.


LGB Chloe #1.jpg
Chloe #3.jpg
Chloe #4.jpg
Chloe #2.jpg
Chloe #5.jpg

7-4-2021     Installed into customer's LGB Chloe a Soundtraxx Tsunmai2 TSU-2200 DCC 2 Amp Sound Decoder, CurrentKeeper capacitor and LGB 18v. Smoke Unit.  A 40mm 3 Watt 8 Ohm speaker was installed with the decoder into the rear water/fuel bunker which required major Dremel work and repositioning of water pipe using epoxy putty.  Installing the smoke uit also required drilling a channel down and out the back of the smoke stack stem.  Soundtraxx DCC decoders can also be programmed for automatic sounds which were also used for this install:  2 whistle blasts & 10 bell rings in forward movement; three whistle toots and 10 bell rings in reverse movement.   Soundtraxx decoders have 60 whistle and 12 bell sound options which can be set by CV assignments.  The decoder's F Keys:  F1 - Bell; F2 - Whistle; F3 - Short Whistle; F4 - Cylinder Cocks; F8 - Sound On/Off; F9 - Grade Crossing Signal; F11 - Brake; F13 - Coupler; F15 - Wheel Chains; F16 - Water Fill; F17 - Fuel Loading; F18 - Ash Dump; F19 - Wheel Slip; F20 - Injector; F21 - Sander Valve; F22 - Cab Chatter; F23 - All Aboard/Coach Doors.   The Soundtraxx Tsunmai2 decoders for large scale trains can be found on my DCC Components & Accessories page. 


10-2021 LGB V36 DR Shunting Diesel with ESU 5XL DCC Sound Decoder Installed.  The 40mm Speaker is installed into the front engine compartment.


4-15-2021 ESU LokSound 5XL DCC Sound Decoder installed into a customer's LGB 2085D DR Mallet.  Requires modifying motor blocks from 3-pin to 4-pin functionality in order to install a decoder.  Massoth Flickering Firebox LED Module also installed.  Second video demonstrates auto brakes sounds.  New motors were also installed for this project. 

2-17-2021     ESU LokSound 5 XL DCC Sound Decoder Test on Piko/Navigator DCC Test Stand - EMD F7A Diesel Sound File Loaded for Customer's DIY decoder installation - MARS Light Function Tested









7-15-20200 ESU LokSound 5 XL DCC Sound Decoder Test on DCC Test Stand  - Installed into Customer's LGB 21252 Forney Steam Locomotive #2 using ESU SooLine Sound File.  Massoth Pulsed Smoke Generator also installed.  The chuffs are electronically generated by the hall sensor used.

4-1-2021     ESU LokSound 5 XL DCC Sound Decoder on LGB Euro Steamer Locomotive


9-25-2020   LGB 26844 DR Mallet Steam Locomotive with Marklin/LGB Factory Sound & Marklin Pulsed Smoker Generator produced by Massoth especially for the Marklin Sound Decoder.

 Old Domionion Railways Repair Work Performed:  Replaced sound decoder, pulsed smoker, and both motor block short shaft motors

9-2021   ESU LokSound 5 XL DCC Sound Decoder on LGB Forney Steamer Locomotive - Custom Painted with Circus Motif


9-5-2020     LGB Stainz Installation Project:  Installed Massoth LS DCC Sound Decoder; LGB 18 v. Balloon Smoker; Massoth Micro PowerCaps; Replaced short shaft motor.

Programming Test Stand:  ESU 5 XL DCC Decoder Sound File Installation For a Customer of BR95 DRG 2-10-2 Steam Locomotive of Harz Narrow Gauge Railway Germany  - See Photo of the Steam Locomotive Below

DRG Class 99.22 Harz Railway.jpg
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