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CABCONTROL'S PROGRAMMING TRACK:  LGB Trains hobbyists using the ESU CabControl DCC System have recently reported the Programming Track cannot successfully Write (program) or Read the CVs on their LGB locomotives with the MSD3 mfx/dcc/dc sound decoders installed.   In 2014 Marklin stopped using Massoth for LGB locomotives’ electronics and instead started installing their own MSD3 mfx/dcc/dc sound decoders.  When trying to Read or Write the CVs on these locomotives on the CabControl’s Programming Track, it will error fault and will shut down,  and then must be restarted.  I contacted ESU LLC USA about this issue and they suggested using a resistor on one of the CabControl’s Program Track Output wires.   ESU’s ECOS Command Station has the four digital technologies including DCC and M4, which is ESU’s term for mfx, so it can operation these the MSD3-equipped locomotives in M4 Mode, and Read and Write the CVs using M4.  The CabControl is only DCC but both ESU command stations have the Railcom and RailcomPlus features.   


On June 1, 2022 I tested this approach using a 25W 100 Ohm Resistor shown in the photos below and it works like a charm!  You can see that I Read CV1 which correctly shows #50 for my LGB 28443 RbB 50th Anniversary locomotive’s MSD3 mfx/dcc/dc decoder.  The CabControl’s Programming Track works well for all other installed DCC decoders in LGB locomotives, the LGB onboard decoder installed in locomotives prior to 2014, and the Massoth, ESU and Soundtraxx decoders that I sell and install.    So, if you don’t have any of the newer LGB locomotives produced by Marklin in year 2014 to date, then you don’t need to use the resistor on the CabControl’s Programming Track output.


I have a supply of the required Resistors if you’d like to purchase one - $6 plus $5 shipping.  Or, I’ve developed a CabControl Programming Track Connector Set shown below that has two cables 21 inches each with alligator clips with "solder tinned" wires, a set of small alligator clips, and the resistor that I can provide you - $15 plus $10.40 USPS Priority Mail shipping.   If you want longer 40 inch cables with the alligator clips, the CabControl Programming Track Connector Set is $20 plus $10.40 USPS Priority Mail shipping.

ESU CabControl with 25W 100 Ohm Resistor for MSD3 Decoders-11.jpg
ESU CabControl with 25W 100 Ohm Resistor for MSD3 Decoders-22.jpg
ESU CabControl with 25W 100 Ohm Resistor for MSD3 Decoders-33.jpg
ESU CabControl Program Track Connector Set.jpg

ESU CabControl Programming Track Resistor & Cable Connector Set 
                                               $15 plus $10.40 USPS Priority Mail Shipping


FLICKERING HEADLIGHT AND REAR LIGHTS ON LGB LOCOMOTIVES:  When operating your locomotives and the lights flicker, go into the CabControl's Settings and turn off both the Railcom and RailcomPlus features.  If you are operating non-Railcom-equipped decoders in your locomotives, these features can't be used and I suggest you turn them off to preclude any interference with your locomotives operations. 

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