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To buy an item send me an email with the item, and your name, address, and telephone number:  I will then send you an invoice to your email address for the item plus shipping can pay by credit card, PayPal, or Zelle bank transfer.    Shipping will be by the most economical method based upon weight and size and insurance:  USPS Ground Advantage ($4.50 minimum); USPS Priority Mail Insured ($8 and up); or for large & heavy items FedEx Home Delivery/Ground.




MASSOTH GERMANY TECHNICAL SUPPORT CONTACT: or Telephone +49(0)6151-35077-38, Monday - Friday





Massoth DiMax Navigator 2.4GHz Black Version.png
2.4 Receiver.jpg

Massoth 8134801  2.4GHz DiMax Wireless Navigator for use with the Massoth 1210z Central Station.  Can also be used with PIKO 35010 and LGB MTS III 55006 Central Stations.  The Naviator expands the capability of the LGB MTS III (55006): 28 speed steps, F0...F16, Read & Write all Decoder CVs.  For wireless operation, you must also connect a Massoth 8131001 2.4GHz DiMax Wireless Receiver to any of the above Central Stations.
This Naviagor can also be used with the LGB 51079 Throttle and Massoth Receiver to provide wireless control to your DC layout.

Massoth 8132902 2.4GHz Transmitter for the DiMax Navigator.   Massoth introduces the popular DiMAX Navigator as Black Edition with 2.4GHz radio technology in fall of 2022. The controller is technically identical to the blue DiMAX Navigator 8134801. Enjoy the unlimited freedom with the DiMAX Navigator. This controller offers a range of functions that far exceeds the previous operating options of a hand controller.
Special Order from Germany

Massoth 2.4GH Conversion Kit 8130010.jpg

Massoth 8130010  Navigator Conversion Kit  to 2.4GHz for older Massoth Navigators 900Mhz - Includes a 2.4GHz Navigator Transmitter Module & 2.4GHz Wireless Receiver. Easy "plug & play" installation.
Purchase this Conversion Kit and then send me your Navigator and I will perform the upgrade to it for a $45 service fee. 

Massoth 8131001  2.4GHz DiMax Wireless Receiver.  Connects to and provides wireless control of the Massoth 1210Z or Piko DCC Central Stations using the Navigator throttle. 
This Receiver can also be used with the LGB 51079 Throttle to provide wireless control to your DC Layout.


Massoth 2.4GHz Transmitter.png

Massoth 8132901 2.4GHz Transmitter for the DiMax Navigator.  Upgrade your older Navigator with this board to 2.4GHz capability.  r.

Massoth 1202B Digital Booster.png

                                                                           Massoth 8136501 DiMax 1210Z 12 Amp DCC Central Station
  The Massoth DiMAX 1210Z Digital Central Station is a 12-Amp, state-of-the art, central station without an integrated transformer.  It features a large easy to read back-lit display, adjustable current and voltage outputs, a user friendly control menu, 3 large front-panel-mounted buttons for menu navigation and control, 3 front-panel connections for peripheral components, one USB and one RS232 computer interface, a programming track connection, a booster connection, a temperature controlled fan, automatic over-heat protection, automatic short-circuit protection, and automatic overload protection.  It can produce both digital and analog signals for controlling locomotives with the latest digital DCC decoders as and those with older sound modules using analog serial mode.  The DiMAX 1210Z has a computer interface for installing firmware updates to DiMAX bus components such as the DiMax Navigator and Receiver. It can also be used for computer-controlled layout operations; it is compatible with almost all software designed for this purpose.  Requires a separate 12 Amp DC Power Supply such as the Massoth 8135604 12 Amps 22 volts DC Switching Power Supply ($170 shown below.  
                                                                                     Available for Special Order from Germany - Contact us for Price Quote

Massoth 1202B Digital Booster.png

Massoth 8137501 DiMax 1202B 12 Amp Digital Booster
Powerful state-of-the-art system.  Two separate power outlets feature 6 amps each offering enough power for two separate isolated track blocks on your model train layout; or, you can connect both output terminals to your track to provide for 12 amps output to your layout.    Requires a separate 12 Amp DC Power Supply for the Massoth Booster  such as the Massoth 8135604 12 Amps 22 volts DC Switching Power Supply ($170) shown below.  
Note:  You can use the Massoth 8312066 Booster CAN-Bus Cable ($30) to connect to a  Marklin CS3/CS3+ or ESU CabControl or ECOS Digital Command Station to provide 12 Amps current to your main track separate track blocks required!

Massoth Digital Booster Bus-Can Cable-2.png

Massoth 8312086 DiMax CAN-Bus Cable for Connecting the DiMax Digital Booster to the Marklin CS3/CS3+, ESU CabControl and ESU EcOS Command Stations


Massoth 13 Amps DC Power Supply.png
Piko 35010 DCC Central Station.jpg

Piko 35010 DCC Central Station 20 Volts 5 Amps DCC Output.  This Massoth-produced DCC command station can be used with Massoth DiMax Navigator and Wireless Receiver.  Requires a separate 16 - 22 Volts DC Power Supply such as the Massoth 8135301 19 Volts 4.7 Amps DC Switching Power Supply shown below.


Massoth 8135301 Power Supply.jpg

Massoth 8135604 Switching Adjustable
24 Volts 13 Amps DC Power Supply.  Use to power the DiMax 12 Amp Central Station or DiMaxs 12 Digital Booster. 



Massoth eMOTION LS Sound Decoder.jpg

Massoth 8135301 19 Volts 4.7 Amps DC Switching Power Supply - Use for LGB DC/Analog Throttles and Massoth and ESU PC Programming Modules and Piko DCC Command Station

Massoth Onboard DCC Sound Decoder.png

Massoth 8200000 eMotion XLS DCC/DC 4 amp Sound/Motor/Functions Decoder.  For 1 - 2 - Motor Locomotives.  All Sound Versions Available.   
Size: 55x32x15mm 

Massoth  8206000 eMotion XLS-Onboard "Plug & Play" DCC/DC 4 amp Sound/Motor/Functions Decoder.  For 1 - 2 - Motor Locomotives.  All Sound Versions Available.   
Size: 55x32x15mm 

Massoth 8201000  eMotion LS DCC/DC Sound/Motor/Functions Decoder, 2.5 amp.  For 1 - Motor Locomotives.  All Sound Versions Available.
Size:  55x25x14mm

Massoth Speaker 8241030 70mm 2 Watt 8Ohm
Massoth 8202000 eMotion S Sound Decoder.

Massoth 8212100 S DCC/DC Sound Decoder - Sound Only, No Motor Power - EAsily Connect 2 Wires to Locomotive's Track Power Leads or Tender's Track Power Pins.  All Sound Versions Available - Ideal for DC/Analog locomotives -   Power:  0-24 Volts DCC or DC.  Size: 35x20x12mm 

Massoth Melody Module.png



Massoth 8293001 eMotion Melody Module - DC/DCC Programmable sound module to play sounds in locomotives, train cars, layout buildings.  It can play up to 12 different sounds.



Massoth 8175201 DiMax Decoder PC Programming Module used with Massoth Service Tool to program decoder CVs and load sound files.  Comes with installation software on a USB Thumb Drive.  Requires a DC Power Supply Minimum 2 Amps 18-24 Volts


Marklin 66367 DC Power Supply 18v. 2 Amps (2).png
Massoth 8135301 Power Supply.jpg

Marklin 66367 18 Volts 2 Amps DC  Switching Power Supply.  Use with the ESU LokProgrammer Module and Massoth PC Programming Module which require minimum 2 Amps DC Power Supply.
$50 - In Stock


Massoth 8135301 19 Volts 4.7 Amps DC Switching Power Supply - Use for the Massoth PC Programming Module, the Piko Central Station, and the ESU LokProgrammer.
$60 - Ins Stock

Massoth eMotion M Driving Decoder 815450



Massoth 8150001  eMotion XL DCC/DC 4 amp Max Current Power/Motor/Functions Decoder.  For 1 - 2  Motor Locomotives.  Size: 55x32x15mm

Massoth 8154001 eMotion L DCC/DC 2.5 amp Max Current 
Power/Motor/Functions Decoder.  For 1 - Motor Locomotives.  
Size: 55x25x14mm ​   ​

Massoth 8154501 eMotion M DCC/DC 1.5 amps Max Current;  Power/Motor/Functions Decoder.  For Very Small 1 - Motor Locomotives.  
Size: 27x14x6.5mm   ​​

Massoth eMotion XXL II Power Decoder 815
Massoth Function Decoder.png

Massoth 8153101 eMotion XXL II DCC/DC 10 amp Max Current Power/Motor/Functions Decoder.  For 2 - 3 Motor Locomotives.
Size: 65x33x19mm ​ ​


Massoth 8152601 eMotion 10FX Function & Servo Decoder for DCC & DC Analog Operation with 10 Function Outputs,  4 Servos with 5.5v. Control.  Two Pin Cable Connector; 4 Servo Pin Sockets and 2 Connection Sockets for Massoth Function Power Units such as Auto Uncouplers & Pantographs .  
Size: 38x20x15mm ​   ​



Massoth EVO-S Switch Drive.png

Massoth 8444000   EVO-S Track Switch Drive for both DC Analog and DCC.  Replaces your existing LGB 12010 ELP Track Switch Drives.  Operates in slow-motion like real train switches.......see Massoth's demonstration at video below.  Now Available in Stock. 

Massoth 4 Channel Switch Decoder 8156101

Massoth 8156101   4K II 4-Channel Track Switch Decoder for Controlling 4 LGB Switch Motors

Massoth 8442000 New Auto Uncoupler.png

Massoth 844200 Automatic Switching Un-coupler.  This is the new, upgraded version. 
$65 each or $120 for 2 Pack

These Auto Couplers can be used with most DCC decoders.....see the video demonstration using the coupler with an ESU 5XL DCC Sound Decoder.


Massoth 8156601 1K II 1-Channel Switch Decoder for Controlling 1 LGB Switch Motor - Use Brass Wire Clamps for Track Power 



Massoth 8157001 DCC Reverse Loop Module - Use also for Wye Track Control




Massoth 8415001 DCC Pulsed Smoke Generator. - Round Boiler Version.  Ask for a copy of my instructions on wiring this Smoker to Massoth XLS and ESU 5XL Sound Decoders.  Size: 54x42x30mm


Massoth Pulse Smoker Rectangular.png

Massoth 8413502 DCC Pulsed Smoke Generator - Rectangular Version New for 2022.  The pulsed high-performance smoke generator (New Item 2022) can be used autonomously in steam or diesel operation mode. Due to the direct track reception and integrated software decoder, control by digital address via the digital system is possible at any time, a separate decoder is no longer required. The integrated decoder takes over all necessary evaluations, a SUSI interface is therefore no longer available. By means of clock generator and bus connection for MASSOTH/LGB, the smoke generator can be integrated into many existing locomotives.  Ask for a copy of my instructions on wiring this Smoker to Massoth XLS and ESU 5XL Sound Decoders.  Size: 54x42x30mm


Massoth DC Smoke Generator.png

Massoth 8413102 DC Analog Pulsed Smoke Generator for LGB Locomotives - New Version for 2022.   This smoke generator is powered by connecting to track power input in your LGB locomotive.  The Dip Switches can be set to either Steam (2 or 4 pulses/wheel revolution) or Diesel.  In steam mode, the puffs of smoke are synchronized with the locomotive's wheels rotation by use of either a hall sensor installed into the motor block or by the chuff simulation setting in Massoth XLS Sound Decoders or ESU 5XL Sound Decoders.  Size:  54x42x30mm                                               

Massoth Smoke Fluid.png

Massoth 8412501 Smoke Fluid 250ml

LED Light Strips - Caboose1.jpg
LED Light Strips & Smoker Intall - Caboose2.jpg



ML Train Reed Switch 80501025.GIF
LGB 65012 Sound Activation Trigger.jpg

Installation of Massoth LED Light Strips and Massoth Pulsed Smoker into an LGB Caboose.  LGB Ball Bearing Wheels provide track power to a Massoth 10FX Function Decoder which controls the LED lights. 

Massoth 8242010 Volume Control Board

Massoth 8242020 Reed Switch - Whistle/Horn/Bell Sound Activation Trigger


ML-TRAIN 80501025 Reed Switch Unit for Locomotive Whistle/Horn/Bell Using Track Magnets - Insert into LGB locomotive motor block


LGB 65012 Sound Unit Function Trigger (Reed Switch) for Locomotive Whistle & Bell Using Track Magnets - Attaches to LGB Tender's Truck

massoth-emotion-power-cap-micro (1).jpg

Massoth 8151601  Power Buffer Caps Micro - Chargeable 
Capacitors for Decoders - Helps loco thru dirty track & track swtich "frogs"



massoth-emotion-power-cap-maxi (2).jpg
Massoth Track Wire Connectors 8100500 20

Massoth 8151701 Power Buffer Caps Maxi - Chargeable 
Capacitors for Decoders - Helps Loco on dirty track & thru track switch "frogs"


Massoth 8100520 Solid Brass Track Wire Clamps with soldering pins for LGB Track - Use to wire track power to switch decoders, signals, reverse loops, track blocks, etc
$2 each;  $15 - 10 Pack; $22.00 - 20 Pack

Massoth Rail Clamps - New Version.png
Massoth 8102520 Insulated Rail Clamps.png

Massoth 8102520   Insulated Rail Clamps G Scale
$2 each;  $10 - 20 Pack; $40.00 - 20 Pack

Massoth 8100111 Solid Brass Track Clamps.  The connector has now been revised and, with unchanged product characteristics, is being manufactured in an optimized shape as rail connector 2023, made of the previous high-quality brass alloy with the best current conductivity. It thus meets many customer requirements and, with its more elegant design, is much less conspicuous when installed in the track. State-of-the-art production processes make it possible to offer the new variant at an unchanged favorable price despite increased raw material prices. Great importance was also attached to an environmentally friendly manufacturing process without lubricants and chemical post-treatment. In addition to the currently available 19mm variant, all other sizes will be successively converted. The scope of delivery includes high-quality stainless steel screws for a force-fit and secure mechanical connection and soldering lugs for an almost invisible current feed.
$2 each;  $14 - 10 Pack; $25 - 20 Pack; $60 - 50 Pack

Massoth Rolling Roads 8101200  42.90 Eur

Massoth 8242060 Flickering Firebox LED Module 0 - 24 Volts DC/DCC/ADC

Massoth 8101200  Rolling Roads for G Scale - 3 Piece Set.  Operate your locomotive on a test track or display track with these units.

Massoth 8311801 Sockets for Plug-In Light Bulb for LGB Locomotives 
$2 each; $9 - 5 Pack

Massoth 8242052 6v. Regulator.jpg

Massoth 8242052 eMotion 6 Volt Fixed Voltage Regulator.   Use these regulators to reduce the DC or DCC output voltage for your locomotive's 5v. Lights or 5v. Smoke Generator.
Power Input: 0 .. 24Volts DC, DCC or AC.  Output voltage: 5.8 .. 6.0 Volts Max. Output amperage: 700mAmps (peak: 1000mAmps) Pull-up resistors: 2x 3.3 KOhms
$15 each; $28 2 Pack

Massoth Fuse 8242070 2 Pack.jpg

Massoth 8242070  Electronic Fuses 4 amps 

$18 - 2 Pack

Hall Sensor 8242030_800px-600x450.jpg

Massoth 8242030 Hall Sensor "Chuff" Kit with Magnet and Sensor - Push-on wheel axle version

Massoth Grease.jpg

Massoth 8319401 Locomotive Motor Block Gear Grease 50 grams

Massoth LED Lighting Boards for Train Ca
Massoth LED Light Strips 330mm .png
                DCC SPECIALTIES RRampMeter IV - MEASURES DCC/DC/AC VOLTS & AMPS                                       "The Essential Tool" for Large G Scale Model Trains Hobbyists"

Massoth 8129530 Miniature LED Spotlight Warm White with Resistor - Easily Install into Locomotive Headlight, Cab Light & Rear Light - 5 - 22 Volts Excellent Brightness.  Size:  10mm x 5mm
$5 per LED

Massoth 8122202 LED Strips with cable - 100mm x15mm Warm-white on a white surface circuit with  screw holes for installation inside LGB passengger car roofs.  Use with DC or DCC 0 - 24 volts.  Use LGB Ball Bearing Wheels Sets to provide track power to these LEDs.
$21   2 Pack  

Massoth 8124202 LED Strips with cable - 330mm x 15mm for use in LGB 4-axle passenger cars. Warm-white on a white surface circuit with  screw holes for installation inside LGB passenger car roofs.  Use with DC or DCC 0 - 24 volts.  Use LGB Ball Bearing Wheels to provide track power to these LEDs.
$30   2 Pack


ESU 50703 Interior LED Light Strip.png

ESU 50703 Interior LED Light Strip for G Scale Passenger Cars.  Length 380mm; Width 15mm.  The brightness of the yellow and white LEDs can be adjusted separately to various color combinations; the installed Power Pack/Power Caps prevent lights from flickering.  The board can be shortened by breaking off sections from the right end to the desired length for your train car and the broken off sections can be used by running two wires from the main board to the individual sections.  It also comes with two red marker lights on one end of the board.  The board has a Digital Interface for inserting an 21MTC ESU 52621 LokPilot Fx v4.0 DCC Decoder for controlling an on/off and brightness features.  Supply Voltage DC/DCC 4 - 24 Volts; Constant Brightness from 6 Volts; Max. Current Consumption 90mA.   Use LGB Ball Bearing Wheels to provide power to this LED light strip.


Accurately measures DCC, AC and DC Volts and Amps! DCC - 38.6 V, 18-20 A; DC - 38.6 V, 18-20 A; AC - 27.6 V, 18-20 A; PCB length 5.63"; Enclosure length
4", width 2", height 1.25"   The amazing RRampMeter designed for Model Railroaders by DCC Specialties does what no other meter can do! Easy walk-
around measurements of layout voltage drops, accurate booster output setup to optimum voltages for decoders and sound units.                                                                                        $110

Measuring PWM Voltage - Manufacturer's Technical Response


The RRampmeter should accurately measure a PWM waveform.   After all, DCC is a form of PWM. However, the RRampmeter reads the TOTAL RMS value of the waveform, DC + AC. Your Fluke set to read AC blocks DC and is only measuring the AC component. Since the lights and smoke unit are going to respond to the DC value of the PWM (and I assume the PWM is on/off, so there is a DC component), you should measure these outputs with the Fluke meter set to DC.  One other thing to keep in mind is that the RRampmeter is designed to power itself from the input, so on a low power circuit such as a light output, the added load may affect the reading.   Make sure you are using the battery for power and not the input signal. Even with the battery, the RRampmeter will load the circuit more than the Fluke (25.4K vs 10 Meg). For this reason, the Fluke set to read DC might be the better choice.

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