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To Purchase Parts and Accessories 

To buy an item send an email with the item, and your name, address, and telephone number:  I will then send you an invoice to your email address for the item plus shipping can pay by credit card, PayPal, or Zelle bank transfer.    Shipping will be by the most economical method based upon weight and size and insurance:  USPS First Class Package ($5 & up); USPS Priority Mail ($9 & up); or for large & heavy items FedEx Home Delivery/Ground.


To place a special order any LGB item in LGB 2020 Catalog - Contact me for a price quote 

Delivery time from the LGB Wholesaler Distributer is only one week for stocked items  


ESU 58513 LokSound 5 XL Screw Terminals.
6-Pin Connector.jpg



6-Pin Socket.jpg


LGB 65003 American Diesel Locomotive Sou
LGB 65011 Sound Power Storage Unit.GIF

LGB 65000 - series DC/DCC Digital Sound Modules

LGB 65011 Power Storage Unit for LGB Sound Modules - Improves Operating Sounds at Slow Speeds using DC/Analog Power


LGB 65001 American Steam Locomotive Module or LGB 65003 American Diesel Locomotive Sound Module.  Operates on either DC or DCC power.  Comes with either a built-in volume control unit or a plug-in volume control unit.  Additional LGB Accessories can be plugged into the unit:  LGB 65012 Sound Activation Trigger/Reed Switch to activate the Whistle/Horn and Bell using track magnets; the LGB 65011 Power Storage Unit to power the LGB Sound Module at slow speeds and when stopping.   Other LGB Sound Modules are available:  European Steam; European Diesel; and European Electric.


Massoth Melody Module.png

Massoth 8293001 eMotion Melody Module - DC/DCC Programmable sound module to play sounds in locomotives, train cars, layout buildings.  It can play up to 12 different sounds.


DC Boost Regulator My Website Page.jpg
Mogul Massoth LED Light - DC Boost Conve
DC Boost Buck Converter Stainz Installat

                                                     DC Adjustable Voltage Regulator with Bridge Diode Rectifier

Step-up/Step-down module:  Input Voltage 5 -32 Volts - Output Voltage 1.5 - 35 Volts; Input Current 4A Max - Output Current 1.5 A Max.   For DC/Analog Power:  Install this unit into your older LGB 2020 Stainz locomotive with 18 volts lights and smoke unit, or install a 22 volts LED light into your LGB Mogul locomotive's cab, or install lights into your passenger train cars.  This unit will provide bright lights or strong smoke even when your locomotive runs slowly. Instructions Provided.  Or ship your locomotive to Old Dominion Railways for the installation work.  The photo above shows a Massoth 22 Volts LED Spot Light  installed into an LGB 2028D Mogul's Engineer Cab using this DC Voltage Regulator.  The video shows an LGB 2020 Stainz locomotive with 6 volts LED lights and the Voltage Regulator installed to the 18 volts smoke unit which provides strong smoke output even with the locomotive operating slowly with 5 volts track power.


On older LGB locomotives with 18v. lights and 18v. smoke units, this Regulator will  boost the voltage input for better operating performance even at slow locomotive operating speed.  Or you can boost the voltage for LED lights such as the Massoth LED Spot Light installed into a Mogul locomotive's cab shown in the photo below.

DC Boost Regulator with 12 Inch Current Output Wire


DC Boost Regulator - Test1.jpg
DC Boost Regulator - Test2.jpg

Voltage Test of DC Boost Regulator:  Photo #1 Track Power Input at 4.5 volts; Photo #2 Regulator Output 18 volts connected to an 18 volts LGB smoke unit.

ML-Train Locomotive Step Down Voltage Controller.png
Massoth 8242052 6v. Regulator.jpg

                                      ML-Train DC Analog Motor Start-up Delay Unit.   
This device delays the start-up voltage to a value adjustable via potentiometer (rotary controller). A locomotive without control usually starts at about 2-3 V transformer voltage. Due to the installation of the control system, the journey is delayed. The control simply consumes the additional voltage when starting off. When driving faster, the control switches off again, so that the locomotive almost reaches its maximum speed. The starting voltage can be set separately for forward and backward driving. The lighting works when stationary before the locomotive leaves. It is also possible to adjust the voltage appropriately, so that our SUSI converter analog/digital 80600100 with our SX6 sound module plays the stationary noise appropriately when stationary. The start-up behavior is perfectly adapted to the sound.

Connection With old gearboxes with 3 cables, these can be connected directly to the start-up delay.  With 4-pole gearboxes, the yellow cable is automatically bridged with the white cable on the start-up delay, i.e. the motor is connected to the track on one side. Only 2-pole gearboxes have to be converted in such a way that at least 1 engine connection is separated from the track.  On a two motor block locomotive, two of these devices must be installed.


MDE 6 Volts Regulator Fixed.png
Voltage Regulator 5 Volts CL60063.png

Massoth 8242052 eMotion 6 Volts Fixed Voltage Regulator.   Use these regulators to reduce the DC or DCC output voltage for your locomotive's 5v. Lights or 5v. Smoke Generator.Power Input: 0 - 24Volts DC, DCC or AC.  Output voltage: 5.8;  6.0 Volts Max. Output amperage: 700mAmps (peak: 1000mAmps) Pull-up resistors: 2x 3.3 KOhms 
Size:  28mmx15mmx10mm

$15 each; $28 2 Pack

MDE 035 6 Volts Voltage Regulator  Fixed Output.  Use for 5v. Smoke Generators or 5v. Light Bulbs.  Specifications:  Supply Voltage: 0-24 V. DC/DCC/AC; Output voltage: 6 Volts; Output Current 1.5A (Short-term 2.0A); Pull-up Resistors for Servos 1 kΩ each (integration for 2 servos)
Size:  24x20x20mm


LGB End-of-Track Bumper and Accessories


LGB   Lighted Bumper.GIF
Massoth Track Wire Connectors 8100500 20

LGB 10310 Standard Lighted Bumper - Fits on top of an LGB track.  The light fixtures two wires must be connected to the track for power, or powered by the AC output of your transformer. 

Massoth Brass Rail Clamps with Solder Tabs:  Use to connect the light fixture's two wires to your track rails
$2 each


LGB Lighted Bumper My
LGB Lighted Bumper My

CL60063 5 Volt Fixed Voltage Regulator.
The voltage limiter was specially developed for steam locomotives from the LGB® start sets. These locomotives have an 18 volt smoke insert as standard, which only steams at a relatively high speed. With the help of the voltage limiter and a 5 volt smoke insert, the locomotive can steam even at low speeds. Clocked control in which no power is lost in the form of heat compared to older circuits. In addition to the smoke insert, a maximum of 3 micro plug-in bulbs can be connected.
Size:  45mmx28mmx15mm  


LGB 10310 Lighted Track Bumper.  Old Dominion Railways has custom-fabricated onto an LGB 12 Inch Track the Lighted Bumper.  The installed Step-Up Boost Converter Power Supply/Bridge Diode Rectifier provides constant voltage for the 18 volts light.  Just connect the track to your layout and the Track Bumper light will be activated with a a bright light even when you run your LGB train at slow speeds.
For DC/Analog Power Only -


LGB 10345 Automatic End-to-End Shuttle Controller - Run your locomotive or trolley back and forth on a straight track - Wait time settings - For DC/Analog Use Only 

LGB 10345 Automatic Shuttle Unit.jpg
LGB 10345 Automatic Shuttle Unit2.jpg
ML-Train 84003016 5A Digital-Analog Shut

Massoth 8431001 Auto End-to-End Shuttle for DC/Analog Operation.  Stop times at each end of track sections is adjustable 2 - 240 seconds.  Acceleration & braking are controlled by fixed preset speed curves.  This module fits and can be mounted inside the LGB 10310 Track Bumper shown above with four screws.  Easy installation to your track using the wire connectors and two insulated rail clamps.

ML-TRAIN # 84003016 produced in Germany.  Automatic End-to-End Shuttle Module for DC-Analog or DCC Operation.  Locomotive stop times at each end of shuttle back and forth track section is adjustable 2 seconds to 4 minutes.  Acceleration & braking times are also adjustable on the unit.  The Module can mounted inside the LGB 10310 Track Bumper shown above with four screws.  Further settings and adjustments can be programmed using a DCC command station.  The User Guide and CV Setting Guide are in German which can be translated to English using a free Web-based document translator.


LGB 51960 American Semifore Signal.jpg

LGB 51960 American Semaphore with ELP Operating Drive - Like New Condition

LGB 51755 Momentary Controller.GIF

This control box can be used to operate up to four LGB turnouts, signals, uncoupler tracks, or other accessories. Each momentary rocker switch operates an accessory item. This control box is connected to a source of alternating current (18 volts) by means of the connections on the rear of the control box. The 60130 Converter is required when using a switched mode power pack (51090 or 51985). An LED indicates whether the control box is being supplied with current. Color-coded connections on the rear of the control box facilitate connections. Adhesive labels are included to identify what is connected to a switch on the control box. 126 x 116 x 66 mm / 5“ x 4-9/16” x 2-5/8“. This control box replaces item number 51750 

LGB 10560 Electric Uncoupler.jpg

LGB 10560 Electric Uncoupler 150mm Brass

LGB 51805 On Off Controller.GIF

This control box can be used to operate up to four LGB turnouts, signals, uncoupler tracks, or other accessories. Each momentary rocker switch operates an accessory item. This control box is connected to a source of alternating current (18 volts) by means of the connections on the rear of the control box. The 60130 Converter is required when using a switched mode power pack (51090 or 51985). An LED indicates whether the control box is being supplied with current. Color-coded connections on the rear of the control box facilitate connections. Adhesive labels are included to identify what is connected to a switch on the control box. 126 x 116 x 66 mm / 5“ x 4-9/16” x 2-5/8“. This control box replaces item number 51750




LGB Track Planning & Technical Guide by Robert Munzing 1987
LGB-sponsored guide on track plans and techniques using LGB's ELP track blocks, automatic trains control and wiring methods for DC analog powered track layouts.  Hardback book 255 pages.
Like-New Condition    


Marklin 60195 DC Power Supply 5 amps.jpg

LGB/Marklin 60195  Approx. 5 Amps 22 Volts DC Switched Mode Power Supply - Use with LGB 51079 or LGB 51070 
5 amp Throttle.  The power output cable has a DIN plug that connects to the DIN socket on the LGB 51079 DC Throttle Controller shown.
Brand New - 2 Year Warranty


LGB 51079 DC-Analog Controller.jpg

LGB 51079 - DC/Analog Throttle-Controller,  5 amps,  0-24 Volts use with LGB/Marklin 60195 DC Power Supply.   The Throttle Controller comes with a set of LGB track power connecting cables for providing the power to your track layout.  For wireless capability, connect LGB 55055/55016/55050 or Massoth Navigator/Receiver. 
Brand New - 2 Year Warranty 

LGB 51099 Throttle Controller - Starter

LGB 51099 18 Volts 1 Amp Starter Set/Small Locomotive Controller


Marklin 66367 18 Volts 1 Amp.GIF

Marklin 66367 18 Volts 1 Amp Power Supply for LGB 51099 


ESU 50119 DC Power Supply 7 Amps.png
LGB 51070 DC Throttle.png
LGB 50111 AC Power Supply.png
LGB 5006 - 5007.png

ESU 50119 DC Power Supply 7 Amps 15 - 21 Volts
This ESU 50119 DC Power Suppply can be used with any model trains accessories that require powerful DC power supply with an output of 15 - 21 volts DC, such as the LGB Throttles/Controllers.   The output voltage can be adjusted between 15V and 21V by a turn knob on the back of the unit and remains stable under load.  The output current has a maximum capacity of 7 Amps.   An integral, temperature controlled fan provides cooling, if necessary. The power pack automatically switches off in case of a short circuit or overload and restarts once the overload has been eliminated.  This this the same Power Supply that is furnished with the ESU Command Stations (ECOS and CabControl) and the ECOSBoost booster.

  A connector plug is provided for use with accessories using wire connections.
$80 - In Stock


LGB 51070 0-24 Volts 5 Amps DC Throttle with AC - DC Conversion & LGB 50111 20 Volts 5 Amps AC Power Supply.   
Used Excellent Condition


LGB 50081 1 Amp DC Power Supply.jpg
LGB 50111.jpg

LGB 5006  2 Amp 0-22 Volts DC Power Supply & LGB 5007 2 Amp DC Throttle 
Used Excellent Condition

Massoth 8135301 Power Supply.jpg

LGB 50081 0-24 Volts 1 Amp DC Transformer.  Suitable for LGB Starter Set Trains.  For large locomotives such as an LGB Mogul and other 2-motor locomotives, you need a DC power supply of at least 2 Amps.
Used Excellent Condition

LGB 50111 6 Amp AC Power Supply - Use Only with LGB 51070
5 amp AC/DC Throttle-Controller, or use to power your track layout's LGB track switch motors or building lights.  
Used Excellent Condition 



LGB 50160 Track Power Connectors.jpg

LGB 50160 Track Power Cable

Push Pin Connectors.jpg

Push Pin Connectors for LGB Locomotive Motor Blocks & LGB Ball Bearing Wheels
$2.50 - 5 Pack; $5 - 10 Pack

Massoth 8135301 19 Volts 4.7 Amps DC Switching Power Supply - Use for LGB DC/Analog Throttles and Massoth and ESU PC Programming Modules and Piko DCC Command Station

Wire Solder Lugs.jpg

Wire Solder Lugs - Use for Track Power Connectors & Rail Joiners

$4 - 5 Pack; $7 - 10 Pack

LGB Wire Terminals.png

LGB 50131 Wire Terminal Pins
$5 - 25 Pack

LGB 50140 Black White 2-Wire Cable.jpg

LGB 50140 Black/White 2-Conductor Wire for Connecting Layout Lights, Control Devices and Accessories - 20 AWG
$24 - 65 Feet or
$.50 per foot


LGB Wire Accessories.png

LGB 51233 White/Black  2-Conductor AC Power Cable - 14 AWG
$24 - 49 Feet or
$.50 per foot


LGB Wire Track Power.png

LGB 51235 Red/Black  2-Conductor Wire Track Power Cable - 20 AWG - $24 - 65 Feet or
$.50 per foot


DCC Specialties RRampMeter IV - Measures DC/DCC/AC VOLTS & AMPS - 

"The Essential Tool" for Large G Scale Model Trains Hobbyists


Accurately measures DCC, AC and DC Volts and Amps! DCC - 38.6 V, 18-20 A; DC - 38.6 V, 18-20 A; AC - 27.6 V, 18-20 A; PCB length 5.63"; Enclosure length 4", width 2", height 1.25"   The amazing RRampMeter designed for Model Railroaders by DCC Specialties does what no other meter can do! Easy walk-around measurements of layout voltage drops, accurate booster output setup to optimum voltages for decoders and sound units. 


LGB Locomotive Maintenance/Repair Items Used by Old Dominion Railways 

These Items are Available for Purchase

Massoth Grease.jpg

Massoth 8319401 - Gear Grease for LGB Locomotive Motor Blocks
$13 - 1.8 oz tube

Silicone Liberty Silicone Oil.png

Liberty Oil 100% Synthetic Oil with 1 1/2 inch Stainless Steel Needle-tip Applicator  - Use on LGB Locomotive Drive Rod Joints - Plastic & Painted Surfaces Safe.  Reduces Friction; Long-lasting
$12 - 1 oz plastic bottle

Sly-Glide Silcone Lubricant.GIF

AGC Sil-Glyde Silicone Lubricant - Excellent long-lasting for locomotive wheel axles and train car wheels axle inserts into the truck support

$8.50 - 1.5 oz tube

Permatex Dielectric Grease 3 Oz.GIF

Permatex Dielectric Grease - Protects Brass Rail Joints from Corrosion

$5.75 - 3 oz tube

Pololu Wire Stripper 22- 30 AWG.GIF
Zap Rail-Zip2.jpg
Liquid Electrical Tape Starbright 1 oz.j

Liquid Electrical Tape - Excellent for repairs to wire insulation or to insulate decoder's wire connections

$12 - 1 oz tube

BSI Maxi-Cure Glue.GIF

Zap Rail-Zip2  - Inhibits Brass Rail Joint Corrosion - Promotes Electrical Connectivity on indoor & outdoor track layouts
$8 - 1 oz bottle


Wire Stripper for LGB Trains Wires:   20 - 30 AWG Wire Sizes
$10 - Out of Stock

J B Weld Epoxy Plastic 5 minute $6.png

J-B Weld 50132 PlasticWeld 5 Minute Epoxy Syringe - Use for Extra-strong Gluing - Use to Glue Pulsed Smoker Connections inside LGB Locomotive Smokebox - Resistant to Smoke Fluid Deterioration

BSI Maxi-Cure Extra Thick cyanoacrylate glue - excellent for gluing parts to LGB locomotives and train cars, e.g., volume controller units, speakers, firebox LED units, etc
Can be removed using BSI Uncure.  Apply with disposable small paint brushes. Does not "run" like the regular glue.
$12 - 2 oz plastic bottle


Klein 1-16 Inch 2 Inch Shank Screw Driver for ESU 5XL-2.png

Klein 1/16 Inch 2 Inch Shank Screwdriver for ESU 5XL Decoder's Screw Terminals

Gorilla Epoxy Putty Stick - $8.png

Gorilla Epoxy Putty - Excellent for LGB Locomotives & Train Car Repairs and Modelling - Can be formed & shaped, dries very hard, then sanded and painted.  

Epoxy Putty.jpg

Epoxy Putty Use Example:  LGB Smoke Unit installed inside an LGB Diesel Locomotive

Miniatronics Solder.jpg

Miniatronics Solder 4 oz Spool:   60/40 .03 Diameter Rosin Core High Grade

LGB Short Shaft Motor 62204 126050E.jpg



LGB Long Shaft Motor 62204 129994E.jpg
LGB Buhler Motor Track Cleaning Unit E132062.png
LGB 256533 Motor Chloe Olomana.GIF

LGB E126050 (62201) Short Shaft Motor - Fits Most LGB Locomotives


LGB E129994 (62204) Long Shaft Motor - Fits LGB Mogul Locomotives


LGB E132062 Buhler Motor for LGB Track Cleaning Locomotives' Track Cleaning Unit

LGB E256533 - Fits LGB Chloe, Olomana & Newer Field Railway Locomotives.  Motor terminals on rear.

LGB Buhler Motor Chloe Olomana CL22209.png

CL22209/LGB E195319 - Fits first version of LGB  Olomana & some Field Railway Locomotives. Motor terminals on front.

LGB 67419 Metal Wheels Sets.jpg

LGB  67419 Sold Metal Wheels Sets for Train Cars - 2 Pack

LGB 67319 Spoked Metal Wheels Sets - 2 Pack.jpg

LGB  67319 Spoked Metal Wheels Sets for Train Cars - 2 Pack

Bachmann 92421 Metal Wheels.jpg

Bachmann 92421 Metal Wheels for LGB Train Cars - Excellent low cost wheels for replacing plastic wheels which cause plastic dust and electrical connectivity issues on brass track.
$22 - 4 Pack

LGB 67267 Track Cleaning Replacement Whe

LGB E67267 Track Cleaning Replacement Wheels with Abrasive Rings for LGB 20670/21670 Locomotives 

LGB 67403 Ball Bearing Wheels.jpg

LGB 67403 Ball Bearing Wheels with 4 Push Pin Wire Connectors 
$41 - 2 pack


LGB 27253 Forney Wheel-Axle-Gear Wheel S
LGB E137859 Geared Wheel Set.png
LGB F7A Geared Wheel Set - Final.webp

LGB E238704/E126044 Wheel/Axle/Gear Set for LGB Forney Locomotives without Factory Sound (20251 - 27253)  With Traction Wheel (Traction Tire $2 Extra)
$50 Per Two Wheels Set 


LGB E132024 and E137859 Wheel Sets with Gear.  These are the same wheel set with 34 tooth gears except the E137859 has a traction tire wheel.  Fits LGB Locomotives 20202, 20350, 20390, 20510, 20520, 20670, 20970, 21355, 21360, 21500, 21510, 21522, 22330, 22355, 22500, 22604, 23330, 23510, 24512, 25604, 69172, 69272, 69476.  Can also be used for replacing the wheel sets in the LGB 91950 Amtrak Motor Blocks.
$20 per Wheel Set


Wheel Sets with Gear for LGB F7A, Alco & Genesis Diesel Locomotives.  Version with Traction Tire Goove also Available. 
$35 each

ML-Train Sound Magnet with Clock Hall Sensor-My Photo.jpg
LGB Forney Cow Catcher Assembly.png
LGB F7A Motor Block.png
LGB F7A Motor Block Front.png

ML-Train 80502009  Clock Pulse Generator with Axle Magnet with Screw Attachment - No need to remove the Axle to Install.  Use for Steam Chuff Sounds on DCC/DC Sound Decoders or Analog Sound Boards


Self-Stick Auto Metal Wheel Weights.  Use for adding more weight to your locomotives and train cars.  Six pieces of 1 oz. sections strips that you can separate into various lengths using a box cutter blade.  You can stack multiple sections on top of each other with their self-stick adhesive.      
$2 per 6 piece strip.

Wheel Weights.jpg
LGB 62007 Mogul Idler Gears.jpg

E183408  LGB Forney Locomotive Cow Catcher Assembly Set 

CL 30339 Gear Uintah Mallets.jpg
LGB 64407 Standard Hook Loop Couplers.GI
LGB 64193 Knuckle Couplers.GIF

E279295 & E279294  LGB F7A Diesel Locomotive Front  & Rear Complete Motor Blocks:  New Wheels, Motor, Sliders, Gears.  Rear Motor Block also has an Installed Traction Tire & Reed Switch.    
$110 each

LGB 62007 Idler Gear for various LGB (2x18x or 2x19x ), U-engine (2x70x, 2x71x,2x271) Locomotives, e.g., Mogul; F7A; Alco; Zillertahl. 

31/34 Tooth Gear

$9  2-Pack

LGB 62145 Idler Gears for LGB Uintah & Euro Mallet Locomotives; LGB Starter Sets 34/25 Tooth Gear

$21   2 Pack

Massoth Loco Power Pickup Shoes2 8313104
Massoth Carbon Brushes 14mm & 16mm 8 Pac

LGB 64407 Standard Hook & Look Couplers for LGB Locomotives & Cars


All Versions LGB Couplers Are Available

LGB 64193 American Knuckle Coupler 
$15   2 Pack

LGB Carbon Brushes & Springs.png
LGB Wheels Electrical Contact Set.png

LGB/Massoth 63218 Power Pickup Slider Shoes for most LGB Locomotives
$10 - 2 Pack; $18 - 4 Pack


LGB 63120-1  14mm or  LGB 63120-2 16mm Carbon Brushes for LGB Locomotives
$5 - 2 Pack; $8 - 4 Pack; $15 - 8 Pack

LGB 63110 Carbon Brushes & Springs for Older LGB Locomotives & Tenders
$10 - 4 Pack


LGB 65012 Sound Activation Trigger.jpg
ML Train Reed Switch 80501025.GIF

LGB 65012 Sound Unit Function Trigger (Reed Switch) for Locomotive Whistle & Bell Using Track Magnets - Attaches to LGB Tender's Truck

ML-TRAIN 80501025 Reed Switch Unit for Locomotive Whistle & Bell Using Track Magnets - Insert into LGB locomotive motor block

LGB 63193 Electrical Contact Set for Metal Wheels 



Massoth 8242020 Reed Switch - Whistle/Horn/Bell Sound Activation Trigger


LGB Regular Traction Tire 36.5mm 69104.j
LGB E136259 Mikado Traction Tire.jpg
LGB Traction Tire Mogul - 2.jpg
LGB 24410-066-traction-tires.gif

Massoth/LGB E126174 Traction Tire for Most LGB Locomotives - 37.5mm
$2 each; $8.50 5 Pack; $15 10 Pack

Massoth/LGB E131368 Traction Tire for Mogul Locomotives - 46.5mm
$2 each; $8.50 5 Pack; $15 10 Pack


LGB E136259 Traction Tire for Mikado Locomotives


$2 each

LGB E24410 Traction Tire for Small Locomotives


$2 each


I have an inventory of many additional Mogul and Stainz locomotive parts not shown on this page - Contact me for your locomotive repair parts needs


Mogul Smoke Box Silver.png
LGB Mogul Smoke Box Black.png
LGB Mogul Motor Block Top & Bottom.png
Mogul Tender Circuit Board.png

LGB 20280-E136 Mogul Smoke Box - Silver.

LGB 20280-M017 Mogul Motor Block Top & Bottom Covers - New Version


LGB 20180-E124 Mogul Tender Circuit Board 3-Pin or 6-Pin


LGB 20280-E130 Mogul Smoke Box - Black.

LGB Mogul Leading Wheels Set .png
LGB Mogul Front Wheels Set Gear.png
LGB Mogul Middle Wheels Set.png
LGB Mogul Rear Wheels Set Gear Magnet.png

LGB E174475 Mogul Locomotive Leading Wheels Set

LGB E174451 Mogul Locomotive Front Wheels Set with Gear.  Also use for the rear wheels set if hall sensor magnet not required.

LGB E174467 Mogul Locomotive Middle Wheels Set

LGB E298231 Mogul Locomotive Rear Wheels Set with Gear & Hall Sensor Magnet

LGB Mogul Tender Wheels Set with Track Power Pickup Units.png

LGB E298252 Mogul Locomotive Tender's Wheels Set with Track Power Pickup Units

LGB Mogul Piston Rod Assembly 2.jpg

LGB E315538 Mogul Locomotive Piston Rod Assembly

LGB Mogul Drive Rods-2.png

LGB E315543  Mogul Locomotive Drive Rod
$7 each


LGB Mogul Smoke Barrel Stack.png

Replacement Barrel Smoke Stack for the Following LGB Mogul Locomotives: 2018D, 2028D, 20280, 21181, 22182, 22185, 23182, 24182, 26182, 27182, 29182, 29192. 

LGB E315469 Mogul Red Headlight Assembly.png
LGB E315514 Mogul Rails.GIF
LGB Mogul Tender Steps.png
LGB Mogul Pulsed Smoker for LGB MSD3 mfx-dcc sound decoders.png

LGB E315469 Mogul Headlight Assembly with White Insert & Lense


LGB Mogul Steam Generator.png

CL30404 Steam Generator for Mogul Boiler.  The 3 pieces require easy assembly.  
$10 each


LGB E315514 Mogul Cab Hand Rails and Underside Pipes


LGB Mogul Tender Air Cylinder.png

E315549 Air Cylinder Unit for Mogul Tenders 
$8 each


LGB Mogul Motor Block Parts.png

LGB E315547 Steps for Mogul Tenders
$10 - 2 Pack

$18 - 4 Pack

LGB E278188 Replacement Pulsed Smoke Generator for Newer LGB Locomotives with Factory LGB MSD3 mfx/dcc/analog Sound Decoders

LGB Mogul Water Pump Flag Poles Set.png
LGB Mogul Handwheel Hoses Rod.png

E315512 Water Pump, Handwheel & Flag Poles Set for Mogul.  The flag poles can be painted with gold plastic paint, if desired.


LGB Mogul Slider Shoe Base2.png

E315546 Handwheel, Hoses, Rear Rod Bar for Mogul Tenders


LGB Mogul Slider Shoe Assembly.jpg

E315537 Mogul Motor Block Repair Parts Set.  


CL65520 Mogul Motor Block Slider Shoe Base Frame.  


CL65520-X Mogul Motor Block Slider Shoe Complete Assembly:  Base Frame with Slider Shoes, Springs, and Brass Plates.  Replaces Existing Worn Slider Shoe Assembly on your Mogul's Motor Block.  


LGB Mogul Tender Water Bunker Cover - 0.jpg
LGB Mogul Tender Water Bunker Cover - 1.jpg
LGB Mogul Tender Water Bunker Cover - 2.jpg

LGB Mogul Tender Water Bunker Cover - The original tender covers are no longer available in the Marklin/LGB Parts System, so I'm having a 3D Printing duplicate designed and produced......should be available in May.  In the meantime, you can order the item shown above that  simulates a water cover.....just glue it onto the opening on your tender.
$5 each


LGB Mogul Tender Water Cap2 (2) WIX.jpg


LGB 5 volt light bulb clear 68511.jpg
LGB 5 volt light bulb clear 68511.jpg
LGB 5 volt light bulb clear 68511.jpg
LGB 18 Volts Light Bulb.png

LGB E165865 Bell with Bracket for Mikado & 22230/22232 0-4-0 Steam Locomotives


LGB E315504 Mogul Safety Relief 3 Valve Set.png

LGB E315504 Safety Relief Valves Set for Steam Dome for LGB Moguls:  2018, 2028, 2019S, etc


LGB Mogul CL30044 Flag Poles.png

LGB Mogul Gold Flag Poles
$8   2 Pack


LGB E315489.png

LGB E315489 Bell with Bracket for LGB Mogul Locomotives


LGB E165865 Loco Bell with Bracket.png
Massoth Plug-in Bulb Socket.GIF

Massoth 8311801 Socket for LGB Locomotive Push-Pin Light Bulbs
$2 each; $9 - 5 Pack


LGB E130023 5 Volt Push Pin Clear Bulbs - Most LGB Locomotives' Headlights/Taillights use 5 Volt bulbs

$2 each; $8.50 5 Pack; $15 10 Pack

Massoth 8311210 19 Volt Push Pin Clear Bulbs 
$2 each; $8.50 5 Pack; $15 10 Pack


LGB E130110 24 Volt Push Pin Clear Bulbs 

$2 each; $8.50 5 Pack; $15 10 Pack

LGB 18 volts light bulb fixutre with bulb and wires.png
Light Scoket & Cable.jpg

LGB E130116 18 Volt E5 Screw Base Light Fixture & Bulb with Wires.  An LED 6v. or 12v. light bulb can be used in these light fixtures. 
$5 each

Head/Tail Light Socket 5 Volt Bulb on 12 Inch Cable for LGB Locomotives & Tenders


LGB E130121 18 Volt  E5 Base Screw In Yellow Bulb for Older LGB Locomotives with 18 Volt Lights. 
$2 each; $8.50 5 Pack; $15 10 Pack

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LEDs 5mm All Three Versions.jpg
LED 5mm 5 Volts.jpg
LED 3mm 5 - 24 Volts.jpg
LED 3mm 12 volts.jpg

LED 5MM 3 - 5  Volts  - Replace the 5v. incandescent push-pin light bulbs in your LGB Locomotives with these easy to install LED light bulbs.  Current Draw 20mA.  Three versions are available:    Round Top Bright White; Flat Top Concave Wide Angle Warm Soft White;  and Straw Hat Concave Warm White.  The Flat Top and Straw Hat Concave Versions fit best in LGB Locomotive Headlight and Rear Light Fixtures.  You can bend the pins at a 90 degree angle for fitment into the Locomotive or Tender Light Fixtures.  You need to use resistors or the LED current limiter drivers when installing these bulbs since the LGB circuit boards produced about 6 volts output which will burn the LED bulbs.
$2 each; $8 5 Pack


LED 3MM 5 - 24 Volts  Warm White - Replace the 5v. incandescent push-pin light bulbs in your LGB Locomotives with these easy to install LED light bulbs. Current Draw 15mA at 24 volts.
$2 each; $8 5 Pack

LED 3MM 12 Volts  White Round Dome Bulb or Flat Top Bulb (shorter).
Replace the 5v. incandescent push-pin light bulbs in your LGB Locomotives with these easy to i