For Sale - Parts and Accessories 

To buy an item you can call me or email me your name and address:  I will then send you an invoice to your email address for the item plus shipping can pay by credit card or mail a check.    Shipping will be by the most economical method based upon weight and size and insurance:  USPS First Class Package ($4.50 & up); USPS Priority Mail ($8.50 & up); or for large & heavy items FedEx Home Delivery/Ground.

DCC Components & Accessories

LGB Locomotive Electrical Connectors, Sockets & Cables

LGB Mogul Locomotive Motor Block Weights

Brand-New LGB Mogul Motor Block Lead Weights for front and rear.  These are replacement lead weights custom-crafted from molds based upon the LGB factory-made lead weights.  Old Dominion Railways crafted these lead weights after discovering that some of the early LGB 2018D Mogul locomotive's motor blocks had no lead weights from the factory.  Adding the lead weights helps to give these Mogul locomotives better traction and operating stability.  You must remove the top cover of the motor block to install or remove lead weights from a Mogul's motor block. 

LGB weights will fit into any LGB Mogul's motor block made by the original LGB company during 1985 - 2006.  But if you have the older LGB 2018D motor block without weights installed, you will also need to drill screw holes in the top covers which will secure the weights, or you can replace it with a newer Mogul motor block cover.......the lower cover in the photo is the 2018D; the upper cover is a newer Mogul cover with the factory screw holes for the weights.  The lead weights shown have been coated with GB Spray Liquid Tape - Electrical Rubber Formula to protect them from forming lead oxide corrosion.  


                    LGB Mogul Locomotive Lead Weights Set:  $30 plus $8.50 USPS Priority Mail Shipping.

LGB DC/DCC Digital Sound Units

LGB 65000 - series DC/DCC Digital Sound Modules


LGB 65011 Power Storage Unit for LGB Sound Modules - Improves Operating Sounds at Slow Speeds using DC/Analog Power


LGB 65001 American Steam Locomotive Module or LGB 65003 American Diesel Locomotive Sound Module.  Operates on either DC or DCC power.  Comes with either a built-in volume control unit or a plug-in volume control unit.  Additional LGB Accessories can be plugged into the unit:  LGB 65012 Sound Activation Trigger/Reed Switch to activate the Whistle/Horn and Bell using track magnets; the LGB 65011 Power Storage Unit to power the LGB Sound Module at slow speeds and when stopping.

Other LGB Sound Modules are available by special order:  European Steam; European Diesel; and European Electric. $155 each

LGB Trains DC/Analog Throttles, Power Supplies & Accessories

LGB/Marklin 60195  Approx. 5 Amps 22 Volts DC Switched Mode Power Supply - Use with LGB 51079 or LGB 51070 

5 amp Throttle

Brand New - 2 Year Warranty


LGB 51079 - DC/Analog Throttle-Controller,  5 amps,  0-24 Volts use with LGB/Marklin 60195 DC Power Supply.   For wireless capability, connect LGB 55055/55016/55050 or Massoth Navigator/Receiver. 

Brand New - 2 Year Warranty 


LGB 51099 18 Volts 1 Amp Starter Set/Small Locomotive Controller


Marklin 66367 18 Volts 1 Amp Power Supply for LGB 51099 


LGB 50111 6 Amp AC Power Supply - Use with LGB 51070 or LGB 51079 

5 amp Throttle-Controller

1 New $175

Bachmann 44912 Automatic Reverse Loop Module for DCC  Use Only - Easy Wiring for Isolated Reverse Loops - Use with any DCC Layout


LGB 50160 Track Power Cable


Massoth 8135301 19 Volts 4.7 Amps DC Switching Power Supply - Use for LGB DC/Analog Throttles - $65

LGB 10345 Automatic End-to-End Shuttle Controller - Run your locomotive or trolley back and forth on a straight track - Wait time settings - For DC/Analog Use Only 


LGB 50140 Black/White 2-Wire Track Power Cable - 14 AWG - 65 Feet Length - $18

I can special order any LGB item in LGB 2020 Catalog - Contact me for a price quote 

Delivery time from my LGB Wholesaler is only one week for stocked items  

DCC Specialties RRampMeter IV - Measures DC/DCC/AC VOLTS & AMPS - 

"The Essential Tool" for Large G Scale Model Trains Hobbyists

Accurately measures DCC, AC and DC Volts and Amps! DCC - 38.6 V, 18-20 A; DC - 38.6 V, 18-20 A; AC - 27.6 V, 18-20 A; PCB length 5.63"; Enclosure length 4", width 2", height 1.25"   The amazing RRampMeter designed for Model Railroaders by DCC Specialties does what no other meter can do! Easy walk-around measurements of layout voltage drops, accurate booster output setup to optimum voltages for decoders and sound units. 


LGB Locomotive Maintenance/Repair Items Used by Old Dominion Railways 

Hob-E-Lube Premium Medium Oil HL663 - Plastic Safe for LGB Engines & Cars

$10 - 1/2 oz

Massoth Motor Block Gear Grease

$12 - 1.8 oz tube

Zap Rail-Zip2  - Inhibits Brass Rail Joint Corrosion - Promotes Electrical Connectivity on indoor & outdoor track layouts

$7 - 1 oz bottle

Liquid Electrical Tape - Excellent for repairs to wire insulation or to insulate decoder's wire connections

$12 - 1 oz tube

EZE Epoxy Putty - Excellent for LGB Locomotives & Train Car Repairs and Modelling - Can be formed & shaped, dries very hard, then sanded and painted.  Made in the UK

$10 - 25 gms 

Common Parts & Components for LGB Trains

Epoxy Putty Use Example:  LGB Smoke Unit installed inside an LGB Diesel Locomotive

LGB E126050 (62201) Short Shaft Motor - Fits Most LGB Locomotives


LGB E129994 (62204) Long Shaft Motor - Fits LGB Mogul Locomotives


Bachmann 92421 Metal Wheels for LGB train cars - Excellent low cost units for replacing plastic wheels that cause electrical connectivity issues on brass track and stain carpet 

$19.95 - 4 Pack

LGB 67403 Ball Bearing Wheels with 4 Push Pin Wire Connectors 

$38 - 2 pack

LGB E238704/E126044 Wheel/Axle/Gear Set for LGB Forney Locomotives without Factory Sound (20251 - 27253)  With Traction Wheel (Traction Tire $2 Extra)

$47 Per Set 

Wheel Sets with Gear for LGB F7A Diesel,  F7B Diesels Without Gear, or LGB Schoema Diesels with Gear


LGB 62007 Idler Gear for various LGB (2x18x or 2x19x ), U-engine (2x70x, 2x71x,2x271) Locomotives, e.g., Mogul; F7A; Alco; Zillertahl. 

31/34 Tooth Gear

$9  2-Pack

LGB 62145 Idler Gears for LGB Uintah & Euro Mallet Locomotives; LGB Starter Sets 34/25 Tooth Gear

$21   2 Pack

LGB E130023 5 Volt Push Pin Clear Bulbs - Most LGB Locomotives' Headlights/Taillights use 5 Volt bulbs

$2 each; $8.50 5 Pack; $15 10 Pack

Massoth 8311210 19 Volt Push Pin Clear Bulbs 

$2 each; $8.50 5 Pack; $15 10 Pack

LGB 65823 5 Volt for LGB Locomotives - Comes with Push Pin Connectors & Small Bottle Smoke Fluid


LGB 65803 18 Volt for LGB Locomotives - Comes with Push Pin Connectors & Small Bottle Smoke Fluid


LGB E130110 24 Volt Push Pin Clear Bulbs 

$2 each; $8.50 5 Pack; $15 10 Pack

LGB/Marklin 02421 Smoke Fluid for LGB Locomotives - 250ml


Push Pin Connectors for LGB Locomotive Motor Blocks & LGB Ball Bearing Wheels

$4 - 5 Pack

Massoth 8122202 LED Strips with cable - 100mm x15mm Warm-white on a white surface circuit with  screw holes for installation inside LGB passengger car roofs.  Use with Analog, DC or DCC 0 - 24 volts.  Use LGB Ball Bearing Wheels to provide track power to these LEDs - Available on ths Page.

$22   2 Pack

LGB/Massoth Power Pickup Shoes for LGB Locomotives

$8 - 2 Pack; $15 - 4 Pack

LGB/Massoth 14mm or 16mm Carbon Brushes for LGB Locomotives

$5 - 2 Pack; $8 - 4 Pack; $14 - 8 Pack

Head/Tail Light Socket 5 Volt Bulb on 12 Inch Cable for LGB Locomotives & Tenders


Wire Solder Lugs - Use for Track Power Connectors & Rail Joiners

$4 - 5 Pack

Massoth 8129530 Miniature LED Spotlight with Resistor - Easily Install for  Locomotive Headlight, Cab Light & Rear Light - 5 - 22 Volts Excellent Brightness

$5 per LED

LGB 65012 Sound Unit Function Trigger (Reed Switch) for Locomotive Whistle & Bell Using Track Magnets - Attaches to LGB Tender's Truck


LGB E24410 Traction Tire for Small Locomotives


$2 each

Massoth/LGB E131368 Traction Tire for Mogul Locomotives - 46.5mm

$2 each; $8.50 5 Pack; $15 10 Pack

Massoth/LGB E126174 Traction Tire for Most LGB Locomotives - 37.5mm

$2 each; $8.50 5 Pack; $13 10 Pack

LGB E136259 Traction Tire for Mikado Locomotives


$2 each

LGB 13200 R3 22.5 Degree Crossing Brass Track


LGB 12010 EPL Switch Drive

Convert LGB Manual Switches to Electric Using this Item or to Replace a Faulty Drive on Electric Switches


LGB 13100 90 Degree Crossing Brass Track


LGB 10153 Insulated BrassTrack - One Rail Insulated


LGB 16150 Electric Left Brass Switch R3 22.5 Degree 


LGB 12260 Electric Double-Slip Brass Switch 


LGB 11000 Curved  Brass Track R1 30 Degree - 12 Tracks = 4 Foot Circle

$6.50 Each; $78 Box of 12

LGB 10151 Reverse Loop Two Rail Insulated Brass Track Set for DC/Analog Use Only - 150mm


LGB 16050 Electric Right Brass Switch R3 22.5 Degree 


LGB 12050 Electric Left Brass Switch R1 30 Degree 


LGB 16050 Electric Right Brass Switch R1 30 Degree 


LGB 10000 Straight Brass Track 300mm  

$6 Each; $72 Box of 12

LGB 10600 Straight Brass Track 600mm  

$13 Each; $145 Box of 12

LGB 15000 Curved  Brass Track R2 30 Degree  - 12 Tracks = 5 Foot Circle  

$13 Each; $155 Box of 12

LGB 16000 Curved  Brass Track R3 22.5 Degree - 16 Tracks = 8 Foot Circle

$13 Each; $150 Box of 12

LGB 10152 Two Rail Insulated Brass Track 150mm for DCC or DC Use


LGB 10153 One Rail Insulated Brass Track 150mm for DCC or DC Use - Use for Controlling Track Signals & Stops  -  $24

LGB 19901 Track Siding Extension Set - Contains the "red" brass track sections and 1 right manual switch 


LGB 50040 Track Cleaning Block


LGB 19902 Track Turn-out Extension Set - Contains the "green" brass track sections and 1 right & 1 left manual switches  


LGB 17050 Sound Trigger Magnet 


LGB 12060  Manual Switch Drive  

$18   2 Pack

LGB 51960 American Semaphore with ELP Operating Drive - Like New Condition


LGB 50500 Street Lamp with Base


LGB 50610 Steel Truss Bridge

MSRP 219.95  Your Price $170

LGB 51406 Seated Figures


LGB 10560 Electric Uncoupler 150mm Brass


LGB E67267 Track Cleaning Replacement Wheels for LGB 20670/21670 Locomotives 



Professional repairs, digital sound systems installations, DCC/Digital Decoder installations for LGB locomotives

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For orders and questions:  Email or Telephone 703-946-4522. 


Payment Methods:  Credit Cards; PayPal; Personal Check.  


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